July 17, 2019

I Ran On The Treadmill Today

This wasn't my first ever rodeo on the treadmill, I just hate running on it.  To me, I'm in a hindering, tight space and confined to this small box.  My runs aren't near as good and worth it as they are when I simply run on the road.  I woke up today having to only run 3 miles.  Pretty easy peasy for me, sure, but on a treadmill, it's beyond torture.

The first two things I always do in the morning are go to the bathroom and check my phone for weather.  It's the dead of Summer so yeah, it's hot outside.  Our humidity has been increasing this week, however, and compared to what Monday and Tuesday felt like, this morning was a drastic change in temperature and humidity percentage.  I should also add that eve though today's run sucked in my opinion, I am just proud that I showed up the past three days and got up immediately with my alarm at 530am to get my workouts in.  That's all that matters in the end.

So this morning's temps at 530 in the damn morning were 77 degrees and 88% humidity!  I may as well run in an oven.  Blech.  Gross.  So trying to think quick on my feet and not waste too much time on where I should run, I had a though, a positive spin if you will on my disappointment  that I will just try the treadmill today because it's disgusting outside and it's only 3 miles.  I also haven't ran on the treadmill since March.  It will come in handy for downpours or of course, ice and snow but I know that to get the best out of my longer runs, I will have to suck it up in the oven and just run outside.

Which is fine, I kind of learned my lesson this morning but I am glad I ran on it because it's been a while. I still broke a good sweat  and had the fans that come on the treadmill on even though they suck and barely cool me down.  After I ran 2 miles ( barely and had to stop a few times for sips of water)  I walked until around 2.35 miles and then I ran to 3 miles.  I'm really not sure how.  Mariah Carey's Emotions song may have helped.  But again, it's done.

So to sum up, I won't be using the treadmill for training unless it's raining cats and dogs out there and/or there's a thunderstorm.  By Saturday, it's supposed to reach 100 degrees so I already know at 530 am it's going to SUCK out there with humidity and I have 6 miles to run.  Wish me luck!

Pros for using the treadmill:
-AC is on most likely so you're not as hot
-don't need to carry anything.  water bottle, food, phone, etc.
-no need to layer up in the dead of winter.  just shorts and tank top and you're good.
 - not much to think about.  just hop on and get started.
-speed runs ( if you're into that kind of thing)

Cons for using the treadmill:
- no pretty views
-boring AF
-confined to a small space
-not running as fast. ( I run much faster outside than on the treadmill) I hate running super fast on these machines.  They kill my knees and are too loud. But this is my view on the subject.

 Do you run on the treadmill?  

Outside or Inside runs?

Like them?  Yay or Nay?

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