March 28, 2019

Five Years Later: The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted

I wrote this post five years ago and I would like to read this book again some time.  Today was one of those days where I ate whatever I wanted.  Let me embellish this a little bit more.  Today was a rest day/relaxing day for me.  I typically like to have these days at least once a week or depending on how I feel, twice a week.

 It's healthy and good for the body to rest and recover from workouts or simply from just doing too much or from running around a lot. I try to workout at least five days a week and I just go with what I feel like doing that day whether that's weights, cardio, or a combo of both or simply a good fifteen minute stretching session. So I'll cut to the chase- today I rested, after taking my dog to the vet in the morning to have surgery.  I didn't have any breakfast, just coffee. I slept in until 7am and it was glorious.  I was pretty hungry once 10am came around but I was running around in the morning and just couldn't stop for food.  At noon, I picked my husband and I up lunch from chic-fil-a.  I had the grilled chicken sandwich with fries and their own sauce which is  made from crack, I'm certain.  I drank a good amount of water today and then about an hour later I enjoyed two homemade chocolate chip cookies.

It was about 3pm and I still wanted something sweet and felt slightly hungry.  I could have made a healthier snack like apples with peanut butter, or have some caramel rice cakes or yogurt. But today just wasn't that kind of day.  I had remembered a pint of Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby in the freezer and basically began craving it.  So, I went with how I felt and ate the ice cream.  It was basically almost the entire pint I devoured.  Let it be known that I rarely do this or eat that much ice cream, but it was just so good and hit the spot.  However, that's a lot of sugar in one sitting.  I of course felt slightly guilty when I was done eating it and I didn't feel too great.  I was shaky and had a headache; close to a hangover.  I decided to take a walk since it was beautiful outside.  Sunny and 60 degrees! I felt slightly better after that.  I drank another bottle of water and relaxed on the couch.

It's currently 530pm and I am getting a little hungry again.  We are going to order a pizza and wings soon and I'm going to enjoy my dinner.  And that's my Thursday!  

Take care of your body.  Rest is crucial.  Eating more calories is crucial sometimes too.  Go with how you feel.  There is such a thing as too many salads.  It gets old real fast.  I love eating healthy.  Today is not that kind of day though. I swear it's like clockwork for me- I have these kinds of days at least once a week.  The human body does speak to us.  Listen to it.

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