February 18, 2019

Blog Worthy Baked Chicken Tacos

 ( click here to see how tasty they look).

my computer is being annoying currently and I can't seem to upload photos from my phone to my desktop.  Boo.

Lately, my family and I have been  ordering out to eat more than we'd care to admit.  We've been going out to eat too, which, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that but it comes down to balance and we need a detox of some sort again asap!  Today is Sunday and I decided to make chicken tacos after having cleaned and organized my fridge/freezer and could actually see what we have in there.  I had four peppers from a previous shopping trip, two red and two green. I just had to use them up!

I only used two with 2 smaller onions I had.  I love that these kinds of foods take forever to start going bad.  I had to hit the food store anyway so I picked up taco fixings like salsa and my meat and a 25% lower sodium taco seasoning mix.  I always have them on hand for nights like these!  I also had a brand new box of crunchy taco shells in my cupboard so I decided to go for backed tacos which is simply placing a few shells in a shallow baking dish, putting the tacos together and baking them until golden brown and crispy and the cheese is gooey melted-10 minutes tops!I got this idea from a food blog I follow- The Baker Mama. But she makes everything looks wonderful!  I typically use standing shells ( yup that's a real thing) because they are easier to assemble but I didn't have those this time.

Anyway- the fun part and slightly genius maybe?  I don't know but these were the best baked tacos I have made to date-and I've made a lot over the years.  I bought chicken tenders and cut them into 2 inch pieces.  Cooked them in some evoo for about ten minutes until mostly cooked and added chopped cilantro to the pan and fresh squeezed lime juice ( juice of two lemons) and then lastly added in the taco seasoning packet. *the lime juice is key for how flavorful these turned out*  I sliced up the peppers and onions and coked those down as well in some evoo, salt and pepper.  Turn the heat up under the chicken until the lime juice and seasonings thicken up and turn both pans off .  Get ready to assemble your tacos!!

This is how I made them:
-sprinkle some shredded cheese on bottom of the shell
-top with some onions and peppers
-add about 3-4 pieces of chicken
-top with more cheese ( be generous)
-place in the oven at 375 degrees for 10 minutes.
-use any and all taco toppings you love and enjoy!!

These hit the spot because we were so hungry!  I'm all about balance, but tonight we're having leftovers because there's a ton leftover from that meal.  Tuesday night will be breakfast for dinner aka brinner!  Homemade waffles, scrambled eggs, apple-smoked bacon and breakfast style potatoes.  Can't wait!  My daughter will only eat the bacon and her min pancakes.  We'll see though.  She's always full of surprises!

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