August 22, 2018

Cherry On Top Ice Cream Shoppe Review

Cherry On Top Ice Cream Shoppe-26 S Main St, Mullica Hill, NJ 08062

One random evening, it was approaching 5pm and my family and I weren't necessarily starving but we could definitely eat something. Clearly dinner was not planned for this night. I decided on a whim to just go for ice cream so we had an excuse to try the local ice cream shop.  I didn't want a huge dinner and I also didn't feel like eating ice cream shortly after.  My stomach tends to not like me whenever I do that.  My husband at first was iffy about doing that but eventually said, "you want to just do that then?  Yes, yes I do.  And my daughter looked at me and laughed and immediately loved the idea! 

This time we didn't do a bike ride.  We were conventional and drove. I learned the place is fairly new and not even a year old yet.  It's a cute shop with typical old time knickknacks and  a decent sized space to sit inside and eat your ice cream or there's a cute porch to sit on and a few tables to the side of the shop to enjoy your treat.  It was again particularly hot this day as well so we just sat inside.  I tend to get overwhelmed when it comes to good ice cream and also large menus because I just have zero willpower and want to try everything.  At this point I was pretty hungry and figured since I didn't have dinner, I would indulge and try three different flavors. YOLO!

My daughter ordered her usual which is the chocolate and vanilla twist with rainbow sprinkles, my husband ordered a cup of their mint chocolate chip flavor with peanut butter sauce and whipped cream.  They both looked delectable.  I sampled a cookie dough flavor and a cherry vanilla flavor which is in season right now when I first walked up to the counter.  After about 5 minutes or so, I decided on a triple scoop of cherry vanilla, cookie dough and chocolate marshmallow flavors all atop a rainbow sprinkle cone that  was dipped in chocolate.  To say I was in heaven is a huge understatement. The ice cream was so creamy and not too rich either! You can taste the fresh ingredients and if you adore black cherries, you must get yourself or at least sample their cherry vanilla flavor. Chunks of cherries are sporadically spread throughout the creamy vanilla .  You don't  normally come across ice cream shops that make all their flavors from scratch.  Their soft serve is also homemade which really just seals the deal for me.

I finished it all except maybe three small bites of the cone and it was worth every lick! We will most certainly be back soon!

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