September 24, 2015

A Balancing Act: Food

I think that when it comes to food, the thing we get the most caught up in are calories. Calories are calories, in healthy foods and not-so-healthy foods. At the end of the day, just eat when you feel hungry and don't worry about "what it is."

I'll give you an example.  My relationship with food is healthy and a good one in my opinion.  I'm not a picky eater,  (I am a person who really enjoys food) I just try to balance what I eat day to day and I try to leave my options open.  So today, mine and my husband's work schedule didn't line up for me to fit a workout in.  I slept decent but woke up around 5:30 and just did not want to move.  I just rested there and fell asleep for another half hour.  It felt nice but I was still tired most of the day. I took it easy and ate what I felt like eating.  I didn't go overboard, I just ate when I felt hungry.  

Today's eats:

2 cups of coffee at 7am and 10am. *necessary*
small bowl of life cinnamon cereal with blueberries and skim milk
a dark chocolate chip pumpkin cookie
a HUGE peach
about 12 pretzel sticks with some peanut butter
3 Oreo's
4 bottles of water throughout the day
3 amazingly tasty slices of Sicilian pizza for dinner- OMG so good!
some more water 

I'm all about routine, but not when it comes to food.  When I want to keep it lighter some times or if we just got back from vacation, I might make much healthier choices, but I believe in just going with how your body feels. Today felt tiring and I ate a little bit more than usual throughout my day, but when I re-read the list, it's not so horrible.  

It's healthy.  It's food.

Want my advice?  Get ready because it's groundbreaking:  Eat when you feel hungry, do the day upon how you feel, enjoy food because it's pretty awesome, drink water throughout the day and exercise when you can.


See?   Groundbreaking stuff.


What are your thoughts on food and exercise?  
How do you balance your day when it comes to food?


  1. Well you already know my thoughts on food and exercise..... HOWEVER is that my hand and ice cream cone in that pic from a previous adventure down the shore?? :-)

  2. YAY!! One a post :) Two, yes to what you said. Sometimes I do focus on eating healthier, even when I want to eat a huge tub of ice cream, but for the most part, I just eat what I want, when I want it... in moderation of course. Happy weekend :)

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