June 22, 2015


The weekend turned out to be not-too-shabby as I was able to fit in two different runs, both a little over 3 miles, updated my playlist, brought Claire to the park, picked up a few groceries and a few garden accessories at the hardware store and then had a gluttonous meal at The Pop Shop where we met a good friend for dinner.  I had a chopped salad that could have fed a football team and ended the meal with some delicious and creamy coffee flavored ice cream with caramel sauce, ( necessary) and extra whipped cream!  

That was mainly Saturday.  Sunday was a sweet day as Claire and I visited my dad for a few hours and we gave him a box of Dunkin' Donuts and had some coffee.  My husband wanted to grill for dinner, so we devoured London Broil, a bottle of tasty red, grilled corn on the cob with too much garlic but in a good way, and for dessert...a hot and sweaty fire pit night where I ate too many marshmallows. 

Monday wasn't too shabby.  It was a beautiful day, but fairly hot.  I went in the office, participated in a yoga class that my company was offering and got a good workout in that way! I ate fresh strawberries, carrots and some guacamole for lunch.  I drank tons of water throughout the day and peed every 15 minutes.  I had a yummy Luna Bar for a snack.  The apple pie flavor is one tasty biotch!  And then I devoured two scrumptious pulled pork sandwiches for dinner that cooked for 8 hours in the crockpot.

You can see them here

I have a recurring theme of cooking really hot foods on sweltering hot days. 

Time to get some sleep.  My daughter will be waking up every 2 hours since she seems to have a telepathic mind and wants to mess with me ( it feels like she knows I'm upstairs in the next room).

By Thursday, cookies will be in or around the vicinity of my mouth.  I just know it.

Sweet Dreams.

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