February 22, 2015

When plans change: Saturday

So this happened yesterday.

About 5-6 inches.  I heard it was coming but my phone weather app said not until late evening.   I was out doing a few errands around 11am and by 12:30, that's when it's started flurrying and flurrying fast!

Gary and I had planned to do a night out, starting with dinner here. 

If you're ever in south jersey, visit Haddonfield for dinner and walk the quaint streets.  You won't be disappointed.  It's such a cute little town, with your typical yuppies scattered throughout and nice stores. But their dining spots are perfect for delicious food, byobs, and sweet charm.

*I recommend the pistachio and basil crusted salmon with sweet potato.  Sorry no photo. I couldn't find it in my stash from last time. :(

Friday night was girl's night.  Dinner and Fifty Shades.  Dinner and drinks? Fabulous. The movie? In my opinion, not fabulous. Like, at all.  #booksareusuallybetter

Blackberry Margarita. yum!

Big ol' Saturday morning mug of coffee did the trick.

Our plans for dinner Saturday night got won by the stupid snow.  Our plans would have consisted of taking the train, walking a few blocks to dinner and to other bars in town. It was just nasty out and it would have been a hassle.  So we eventually got over it, ordered pizza and relaxed.  We played with our sweet girl all night and it was awesome. I also indulged in some ice cream on the couch.

Ben and Jerry's Peanut Butter Jam Session  
SO good!

Tell me: What did you do this weekend?  What do you do when plans change suddenly?  How do you typically react at first?

Our Sunday plans:  We might do dinner out this time. No idea though.  I'd like to watch the Oscars, too. For now, I'll be cuddling with my baby girl!  And more coffee.

Talk soon,

Mrs. Moderation

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