October 24, 2014

A $6.50 Birthday Card and a Goal

On the days that I go into the office, I try to indulge in them.  Not the actual work part, but the walking around the city part.  The window shopping part. The treating myself to a latte in a real coffee shop part. And sometimes there's the actual walking into the store and buying something part.  Sadly, I rarely do that.

But while I was walking home to the train the other night, I decided to hit up a stationery store AND a cooking supply store RIGHT. NEXT. DOOR. TO. EACH. OTHER. Pretty nifty, right? I mean, did I want to also stop in Steve Madden and browse their overpriced shoes that had a sale happening?  Of course I did!  Did I want to spend hours in H&M? Totally!  But that's not realistic, a little selfish, and no one has time for that.  Anyhoo, I remained practical and bought two things{ one thing at each store}, got what I needed and booked it walked to the train.

At the card store, I picked up a pretty card. A special card that will be given to my husband's grandmother who is turning 84 this weekend! { Her birthday is two days before mine!  it's safe to say she rocks!} The message inside the card simply states, "happy, happy birthday"!  Groundbreaking.  It has a cute cupcake on the front with a candle inside.  I mean, grand mom is worth that card and more!  But $6.50 for a single card?  hot damn!!  Gary's aunt is actually holding a small "girls" lunch on Saturday.  It should be nice and I'll be sure to take lots of photos!

Her 80th birthday party four years ago!  This cake was AMAZING. Take a look!

That jam filled center...drool.

Speaking of cake, I love cake. Who doesn't? But surprisingly enough, I'm much more of a pie girl than a cake girl.  Any day of the week!  I dream about pie. And donuts. And I have a goal this year.  An intimidating goal that I've wanted to accomplish for years  but either never had time to get to it, or I was simply too terrified.  My goal this year is to make an APPLE PIE from SCRATCH.  

...I'll wait a few seconds to let you roll your eyes at that.

I know, I know.  I can totally do this right!?  Why is making something from scratch so scary?  I was once completely afraid to make this but I did it!  And that's cake compared to a pie. Or cinnamon buns from scratch, which I also want to make one day soon!  I'm going to make a test-run pie within the next two weeks.  If all works out, I'm making one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas!  I'm sticking with apple because it's one of my favorites.  Pumpkin would be next in line!

When I went directly next door into Kitchen Kapers, I got sucked in by their delicious coffee scents, adorable mugs, and overpriced aprons and place mats.  But then it dawned on me!  I want to make a pie soon and I really need a shortening cutter.  I've never owned this item. Clearly.  So I found it on my own, spent $11.95, and left the store with a slight smile.  I can't wait to get my hands dirty!

Wish me luck!

Cake or Pie?

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