September 9, 2014

Williams-Sonoma Juice Week: Mango-Banana Juice with a Punch

Recently I was contacted by Williams-Sonoma to write a post featuring a  spicy juice that "bites back" for their Juice Week. I was intrigued since I rarely make juice or smoothies but would love to hop on that bandwagon sometime in the near future.  I saw this as a fun opportunity to create something unique but with the hard part of the product actually tasting good.

I think it’s a great idea to promote health that juicing can bring; especially after everyone has had an indulgent summer.  I do not own a juicer nor have I ever had the pleasure of sticking an entire apple, untouched, into the scary, sharp blades.  It looks like so much fun!

I own a blender. A blender I received as a wedding shower gift.  Four years later and it still blends ingredients with ease.  But once I got the go ahead on that, I thought up a recipe, had a few trial and errors in the mix, {for example, don't put black pepper in your smoothie.  Just don't}.  The final result was a tasty and healthy juice/smoothie. And since it should have a bite to it, I added some ginger and cayenne pepper.  I think this drink would be awesome after a great workout and a great drink to blast a nasty cold away. 

Mint is especially great for the common cold and is packed with antioxidants. Ginger helps with stomach ailments and cayenne pepper wakes you up and clears sinuses. These are all good things.

I decided to pick up a jar of freshly cut mango's because I love mango. I chose a jar for a couple of reasons.  One, it’s still fresh fruit. I just drained the juice they were in, and gave them a quick rinse and threw them in the blender.  Two, well, it’s much easier than waiting for a mango to ripen and then chopping it all up.  I wanted to make it easy for myself, but also for you because healthy can be easy. And three, mango is also a great source of antioxidants and helps with lowering blood sugar. The banana was added simply for some sweetness. But bananas are yummy too. After a few sips, I was hooked.  I love this drink for all the reasons mentioned above and more. Bring on the cold season, this juice will now be my go-to beverage to hopefully heal fast!

Mango-Banana Juice with a Punch

You'll need:

Handful of fresh mint leaves, chopped.

Cayenne Pepper

Ground Ginger

Blend until well combined.

Check out Williams-Sonoma and all of their yummy looking juice recipes. Also, be sure to check out all of their appliances as well; especially juicers and blenders.

I hope you’ll try this juice.  It's a great mix of cooling refreshment, sweetness and heat that's bound to wake you up!


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  1. Awesome write up Dana. I will try it, it looks yummy. Love ya Mom