September 8, 2014

Birthday Weekend and The Best Chocolate Cake Ever

Hubs birthday was on Friday and I took off of work. Mainly because I wanted a day to just relax but with a kid in the mix, it was anything but relaxing.  Although I think I squeezed in a half hour nap that day!

We had a nice night of leaving the baby with the sitter. aka in-laws for a few hours and headed down to Atlantic City.  We ate all the food in the restaurant some steak, a small side of mashed potatoes, some appetizers and ice cream at the end.  We basically ate like Kings I guess you could say and then felt like bloated Kings the next day.

Still, it was worth the smile on his face.

Jumbo shrimp ( at $10 a shrimp mind you.) and fresh mozzarella.

Hubby: 18oz filet { he's a wackadoo} A heaping pile of asparagus for me and I indulged in a 10 oz. filet. It was like butter...we didn't even need the necessary steak knife!

At least I got a good shot of this here vanilla bean ice cream with the candle lit. I'm such a good photographer.  The waiter said the ice cream was Ben & Jerry's.  I like their style.

The next day was all about baking and cooking. I made this cake and my hubs favorite meal, chicken parm. I followed the cake recipe exactly and it did not disappoint.  It's in the freezer now. For obvious reasons.

I've never been much of a cake person. Donuts, ice cream and brownies are more my style. But If I'm baking a cake from scratch, I'll totally do it.  I like the accomplishment of baking a cake from start to finish and having it turn out a success. And the frosting. Need I say more?

If you need to bake a chocolate cake soon, I'd go with the best chocolate cake ever.  It was moist and so very decadent.

A yummy weekend indeed.

Are you a cake person?

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  1. I can eat cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner ;) Hehe! It looks like you had a great time celebrating, sometimes it is worth indulging even if you feel it the next day!