September 26, 2014

Double Chocolate Brownie Balls

Happy Friday!

Oh and these chocolate balls are actually cookies.  It got your attention though, right?

These cookies were seriously the perfect bite, albeit , dangerous!

Brownies and cookies are my two absolute favorite desserts so again, perfection!

I got the recipe from Lauren and her delicious blog. Her blog is my go-to for desserts because she's got some amazing ones! Her cookies are called Triple Chocolate Brownies but I only had one kind of chocolate chips on hand. So I was satisfied with the double factor.

This recipe was so simple and the cookie/brownie batter is seriously sexy.  I wouldn't kick this batter out of bed if you know what I mean.

I liked this batter because it was quite dense but still gooey; it truly felt like I had taken some brownie batter and some cookie batter and pressed my hands together.  That's why I decided to shape them into small balls ( anyway ya say it, it still sounds like you're just talking about...well, you know).

It felt like the right move to make. Lauren's cookies were larger, but that's OK. Make them how you want them. No matter what size, they will taste great.  OK. I'm stopping now. Promise. These baked up perfectly in a 350 degree oven for 8 minutes.  You know how at the end of your meal, Olive Garden always gives you those tasty frozen chocolate mint candies? I adore that idea and I especially love the fact that they keep the chocolate COLD.  Well doesn't that taste divine after a good meal?  A nice piece of chocolate, yet small.  That's what I would do with these cookies.  

They are the perfect after dinner bite.

Try them out! I know you'll love them!

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  1. these look so good and super easy! will have to give them a try!