May 16, 2014

Better than a milkshake

Since I'm slowly getting back on the healthy train, I opted for a healthier dessert the other night.  Gary decided he wanted a vanilla milkshake.  I reallllly wanted a frosty waffle cone from Wendy's but I decided to just say no.

And I made this.  And it was DELICIOUS.

Once I told my husband how tasty chocolate chips, banana, honey and cinnamon were together, he himself said that it sounded good.  He despises Greek yogurt so I know that if he ever tries this combo, there will be none of that in the bowl.  I can live with that; more for me! Hopefully he'll give it a try sooner than later and the milkshakes will be a thing of the past.  Well, a little bit.

Friday, May 16th 2014

Healthy dessert option that's better than a milkshake:

-one banana, sliced
-chocolate chips
-dash cinnamon
-drizzle honey
-two or three dollops of plain Greek yogurt


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