November 22, 2013

I hate colds + this weekend

Hey Guys!  I'm sick.  And it STINKS! <-- name that mid 90s Comedy Central hilarious cartoon.  :)

A lovely cold broke through late Wednesday night and is just lingering now; keeping me congested and coughing.  Things could be way worse of course, but I'm also pregnant and really can't take anything else other than the occasional Tylenol, cough drops, lots of oranges and orange juice or soup.  Oh, and Vaseline for my Rudolph colored nose.

The last thing I want to do right now is cook...and have this hot mess.

Gary's sister is getting married tomorrow.  I love timing with things, don't you?  Hopefully I can breathe a little more by tomorrow.  The ladies will be enjoying mimosas while I enjoy my hot tea or just OJ.  I'm okay with that; a tad.  I'm looking forward to this wedding!  It's been a long time coming and I'm very excited for Kelly!  She's probably the most honest, genuine, sweetest woman I have ever met.  I know I'm very lucky to have her as a sister in law.  Not every sister in law is all rainbows and cupcakes, that's for sure! ;)

And um, isn't she gorgeous?!  I will for sure be packing loads of tissues for my nose and the buckets of tears I'll be crying seeing her walk down the aisle.  She's going to be a stunning bride.

I'm leaving in a few hours to get pampered with the ladies.  Manis and pedis are much needed!  It's been tooooo long!

Here's to an awesome weekend celebrating friends, family and LOVE!  sick or not.
My cousin's beach wedding last August.  So pretty!

Doing anything fun this weekend? 

My plan is to take LOTS of pics! 




  1. Have fun at the wedding, enjoy the pampering, and feel better, Mama!

  2. Aww, I'm sorry you're sick!! Hope you had fun at the wedding and felt better though.

    1. Thanks Christie! I felt a ton better on wedding day...thank God! :)