November 28, 2013

A few things

Hi!  Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Saying a quick hello before I hit the sack.  Tonight we saw The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I thought it was great!  Looking forward to the final movie.  Apparently the last one is the best; I haven't read any of those books.  I guess I was too busy finishing up the Fifty Shades series. ;)

No I don't see a therapist and yes, I knew Christian Grey wasn't real. Wait.

What did you do tonight?

Life has been flying by way too quickly lately.  By the time I have a moment and would love to open up my laptop and just write for a bit, it's midnight on a Tuesday and I realize I should probably go to sleep because I have work the next day. 

So, as I do not have to wake up at the crack of dawn tomorrow...a few things to share:

I'm making this side dish for Thanksgiving. It was such a hit last year! {and mighty delish}!


I really want to make these cookies, too!  I've already confirmed that there will be apple, pumpkin and my father in laws butterscotch pie for dessert. And a few lemon pound cakes, too.  Hence why I want to just make cookies. :)

My sister in law made these last year I believe, and I have yet to make them! They were awesome!

A possible appetizer may be made as well.  My in laws are having people over around 230ish for apps and dinner will be served between 4-5.  I have yet to make a buffalo chicken dip...WTF?!  yeah, well. It sort of just never happened.  This one looks great!

Have you picked up that I love Christy's recipes?  They look so yum and most are very user friendly.  I love that.

Warm and fuzzy socks= love!

I cannot wait to make these rum truffles for Christmas again!  Buy this book and then make these!  You also should probably be a chocoholic as these are very rich, but soooooo insanely good!

I received this as a wedding shower gift.  Best. chocolate/dessert book EVER.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and eat a ton!!  I also hope to get back to blogging aka cooking a bit more frequently!

 So tell me:

Are you traveling this year for the Holidays or staying local?

What's on your menu for apps/dinner/dessert?

All time favorite dish at Thanksgiving?  



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