November 17, 2013

Hot Chocolate Cookies

Happy Sunday!

I can't believe it's that time of year again!  Seeing all of the Christmas commercials, hearing the different holiday songs, and all of the decorations in pretty much every store feels a tad overwhelming. Don't get me wrong, there are certain things I do love about Christmas time.  But can we get through turkey day first?

A few things I love about the holidays:

Hot chocolate
Baking to some of my favorite Christmas songs
Hot chocolate with whipped cream
Decorating the tree
Hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows

Did I mention I love a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate?

But I love cookies too.  Chocolate cookies that are soft and chewy and hit the spot.

I've seen many different recipes for a hot chocolate cookie naturally, but since I'll admit that I like taking the shortcut route with baking all the time now once in awhile, I decided to make these cookies as simple as possible with another...cake mix recipe.  Ugh...I'm so not original.
How do you feel about cake mix cookies?  I think when concocted the right way, they can be wonderful.  And if you prefer a chewy, soft cookie, you're pretty much always in luck.

These are really tasty cookies and really do resemble hot chocolate, because I added two packets of hot cocoa mix to the cookie mix.  And the marshmallows look as if they are just sitting on top of the cookie, but they aren't. Well, sort of.  I placed them right on the cookies as soon as they came out of the oven; press them gently into the hot cookie.  

Once they are cooled completely, they stay in place.  Trust me.  

Oh yeah, they turn out huge too.

To add another little bit of spunk to these cookies, I did the 'fork press' just like you do to peanut butter cookies.  Pretty chocolate cookies. :)

You'll have fun making these, especially because prep time is like, 7 minutes.  I know I know.  This may not count as 'enjoying the baking' and I know it's a bit rushy and I do apologize.  But I really feel you should add these to your cookie list this year. 

I'm pretty sure you can bake these to your favorite Christmas song, too.  These totally count for that.  Seriously.

Hot Chocolate Cookies


1 box devils food cake mix
2 packets of hot cocoa mix
2 eggs
1/3 cup veggie oil
mini marshmallows


Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees/ bake for 8 minutes.

Mix the first four ingredients together in medium bowl. Roll into a good sized ball and place on a nonstick cookie sheet. Use a fork and press down in a crisscross pattern.

As soon as cookies come out of the oven, place 7-8 marshmallows on the hot cookie and lightly press them down. Let these cool completely.

If I were you, I'd enjoy these cookies with a hot cup of cocoa.  Too much?

So tell me:

What do you love about the holidays?

Which hot beverage do you absolutely adore during the cold months?


  1. Hot chocolate? I can take it or leave it. Cookies? GET IN MY FACEEEEEE. Love this.

    1. thanks darlin'. These are quite addicting :)