November 11, 2013

Blog Life vs Real Life: {and lots of weekend photos}

Hi!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Lately I'm finding that I have more time to write up a post at work. Crazy/weird?  A little.  There are hours in the day that just go by so.slowly.  Since my blog is always on my mind, why not catch up with ya now?

I wanted to take a brief moment and discuss blog life vs real life and what I experienced this weekend. I think all of us bloggers catch my drift with this.  It's kind of a big deal and It's a thing we go through. And for me, it's more about how do I manage taking photos; { bringing my 'real' camera with me, or using instagram because I do use instagram. A lot}. For instance, on Saturday afternoon, we took Sam to the park.  It was only for an hour, but it was a beautiful fall day.  I was pretty upset that I didn't get a few good shots of Sam having a ball running around and rolling around in the grass and some pretty shots of the huge lake that sits center in the park.  But I never even thought to break out my IPhone and I didn't have my regular camera on me.  I simply enjoyed our time as a family and didn't make any documentations.  It did feel good, but I do still wish I had snapped at least two photos of that time at the park.

How do you balance blog life vs real life?  I think it's all about moderation, of course.  You have to take time for you and your family.   I don't think it's healthy to take photos 24-7. Seeing what I ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner can be fun and yummy, but I really only like to take shots of my eats when something is either different, makes me smile, or I just feel you need to be aware of it right then and there. It can also be as easy as remembering to snap a photo.  Sometimes we mean to take a photo, but we just forget. And I want to keep reminding myself of that.  It happens. I am human.

And now for some weekend photos!  We had a really nice and relaxing Saturday. It included a good nap, coffee, a glazed donut, park time, and Mexican food for dinner.

 Adorable baby stuff sent from my Aunt in California! *melt*

This book!  Even if you just want a crying-spit out your drink good laugh, read this book!  

This shit is as real as it gets.

 Had to share this pic from Halloween night.  *guard dog*

 Celebrated my sister-in-laws bachelorette weekend fling!  Hibachi and cake!  And it was oh so good. Isn't' she gorgeous?! { the wedding is in two weeks!! }

This cake was the shit! {chocolate strawberry shortcake}

Early Saturday morning sugar and coffee fix.

 Have you had The Country's Best Yogurt in awhile?  This hit the spot!

 Ready for nap time.

 Us :)  { Sunday morning and surprisingly pretty awake!}

I bought boots on Sunday!  They were probably the most comfortable in the store.  You like?

Watched one of my favorite movies last night.  Can you tell what it is?

I MUST make this for Thanksgiving dessert.  Wish me luck. ;)
If you can't see what it is on the bottom, it's a pumpkin cheesecake with whipped topping and a salted pecan brittle. Yum-balls!

So tell me:

What did you get into this weekend?

Do recipe magazines inspire you?

What's your all-time favorite movie?

OK, I guess it's back to work for me... Talk soon!

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