October 1, 2013



 It's October already?  OK then.  I do love this month...so that does help!

How was your September?  Mine felt like a bit of a whirlwind.  Most of our weekends were filled and there were times that I was concerned about not getting any rest because I literally drove all over Gods creation for two weekends straight in a row.  I'm really feeling like my old self again lately and I still get good sleep, even if I hit the hay late-night.  Things come up and it is what it is, but if I have the chance to just park it on the couch, I will choose that 100% over anything else.

  buy these.

I have to be in the mood for that.  I can't just sit down and not do anything if I do have energy and would rather be cleaning or shopping. :)  Although, shopping for me anymore is like my arch nemesis. I really can't stand it. I become so impatient that I shop alone on purpose.  Now it's just about getting what I need and leaving asap!  Of course a little more time spent in a home decor store or shoe store would occur; because, well, duh.  It was a fine month but I'm glad it's over. With driving around a lot for certain items involving a wedding, yummy breakfasts, to a bridal shower happening and a lovely one at that, to having a breakdown for three days while the husband was away for work { aka really shitty week in general...hormones!!!} and many different appointments from baby to dental, it was a month of crazy for sure. 

It's amazing how we all get through whatever we are going through, isn't it?  October is a much less chaotic month and I'm looking forward to it.  I have a few things I'm looking forward to this month I'd like to share with you:

{chronological order}

  • fingers crossed that we find out baby Stonerock's gender tomorrow!
  • Three year wedding anniversary and 9 years together on 10/9. { 9 years...where did that go }?!
  • My birthday is close to Halloween. I was supposed to be a Halloween baby.  Darn.
  • Halloween. Our friends normally have a small party at their house, but we really aren't doing anything crazy. I still like dressing up, but this year, I'm going to indulge a bit more on the best part of Halloween: the candy!  Oh, and I love good ol' classic horror films.
 Can't wait to put Sammy in this get up, too. 

Because September was so jam packed, I hardly cooked this month!  I'm looking forward to cooking up a storm again, {I hope}.  We currently have an empty fridge and I will most likely hit the food store after work tonight. No one is there during the week normally, let alone at night.  That's the way I like it!

I hope your October is wonderful!  I will keep you posted on Baby Stonerock. :)

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