October 16, 2013

Feels like a lot

Happy Hump Day!

I don't know why my body hates me sometimes.  Well, I guess it's partially my fault here and there as well.  That's to say that when I feel exhausted, I do take a moment and relax for a little bit.  But it seems like I have to be barely able to walk in order for my body to totally shut down and take a good nap.  I think the last time I had a very decent nap was sometime back in July.  Sad. sad. sad.  I can't force myself to sleep though.  That just doesn't happen.  Am I right?

When I got home last night, I felt like absolute crapola.  Let's just say I had a late afternoon, LARGE chai tea latte and it was pissed off at me.  From 3pm until I got home around 6pm, I had awful stomach pains and I laid in bed for a good 45 minutes. I also had an affair with the ladies room for about a half hour. It was pretty awful. Once I no longer felt like death, I felt a sudden burst of energy, and thus the "not remaining in bed" occurred.  It does get to me a tad. I wish I could just lay down and fall asleep instantly. I bathed Sammy, cleaned the tub/shower because it really needed a cleaning and I figured if I bathe the dog first...done and done.  I also emptied the dishwasher and painted my nails.  Take it easy?  What does that really mean?

If I've noticed anything in the category of sleep while pregnant, it's that I have slept through the night, most nights, pretty well. And I do fall asleep rather quickly but that's not until around 11:30/midnight.  I also keep the TV on low volume or get a book out and within five minutes, I'm out cold.

Besides kicking myself about not getting in enough naps right now, I have the babies nursery on my mind and when it's actually going to start.  We hope in three weeks to start painting and sometime this weekend I'd like to pack up my clothes for storage and clear out the last of the stuff in there.  My camera has been really sucky lately and the flash seems broken.  Lovely.  

A new and better quality camera is not on the priority list right now.

This room looked worse before with tons more stuff, but there's still a good amount.  I want to do a look of polka dots and chevron patterns, with colors of soft pink, white and soft grey. I'm not into themes or characters for nurseries. Although, don't get me wrong, I love Disney and can't wait to go back one day soon with baby! :) Aren't they the excuse to go back there?  ...hehe.

Here's what I'm loving and hope to replicate as close as possible:


This is way too matchy-matchy for me.  I'm not into everything matching a lot...in general. But these are the exact colors and patterns I want.  I'm obsessed with it.


I found the crib I adore at Pottery Barn. I don't even know what made me look there, but I just Googled "pottery barn kids" one day.  My parents are buying the crib for us and I'm so thankful!  It's convertible too. So you take the front part off when the kid is around 2 or 3..I'm guessing... for a toddler bed. I couldn't find a crib I was smitten with at babies r us, though I am registering there and am slightly obsessed with my registry already. :)

The changer will be a simple white changer. It's a changer. It's not a big deal to me. The nursery is also not the biggest room in the world and we are keeping our futon in there. {I think the futon will totally come in handy for sleepless nights and for whoever is on baby duty that night. We can take turns sleeping in there with baby. I know that will occur in the early stages. It's also a nice piece of furniture which wasn't too cheap}.  So I have to think about size/space and be practical. The futon on one wall, and the crib and changer on the other will be plenty of furniture. I also don't want it to look too bulky in there. I found this at babies r us and it looks perfect and should do the job.  I did register for another softer changing pad as the one it comes with is basically a piece of tile.

I also love how both changer and crib have that sleigh look to them.

The closet:

I want to totally revamp this kids closet!  However we get it done, we don't have to spend crazy money on it, but I want drawers and a nice organized look.  This is pretty much exactly what I'd want. I love this look!

Why invest in a dresser if I'm going to have drawers in the closet like this?  LOVE. I also am obsessed with the curtain look! The doors that are on the closet now are quite noisy. I don't want to wake baby if I have to put something in her closet. Problem solved!

So, all in all, this currently all feels like a lot but I guess it's because we haven't begun yet.  I'm hoping my idea of the nursery turns into reality and that my practical skills pay off. I'm also thinking of a few wall decorations/pictures/frames and some wall decals.  Since we are not sharing her name with anyone until she is here, her name won't be anywhere in her room.  So friends and family, you'll have to start the "name on things" after she's here.  I'm fine with that...no rush, right? :)

Mommies or not-mommies: What do you like in a nursery? Are you more about colors and patterns and making it your own, or are you into themes/characters?

Do you have more of a practical personality or do you have to have the best of the best?  I'm 50/50. I want things to look nice and if we have to spend a little extra here and there, then so be it. But if I can get the look of something I want and not spend too much, I'm totally satisfied with that.

I hope your Wednesday treats you well!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I love the soft colors. So matchy for you but I of course love it. Do you like the pattern on the second blanket that's in the crib? or just the crib itself? I loved that little bird on the blanket.

    My favorite idea is the curtain in front of the closet!!! removing those doors and putting compartment drawer furniture in the closet is such a great idea with the curtain in front.

    I do NOT like cartoon-y themes. I don't like any character kind of theme rooms unless it's Winnie the Pooh, and I only like the "classic" pooh theme, not the cartoon one. If I ever have kids, I think I'll end up doing Pooh and friends classic theme or just a color theme.

    - LAUREN

  2. Peyton's room is pink and grey and I love it! I almost got that exact same changing table! I love the sleigh look also, we got a sleigh crib at Target. I ended up just doing a dresser with a changing pad on top. My friend told me to make the nursery a room that I like because I will be spending a lot of time in there! and it's true! I used my glider a lot when she was tiny. can't wait to see what you come up with!