September 2, 2013



I've missed you.  And maybe, you have missed me too? Just a little?  Alright then; I'm glad.

We got back from Boston on Sunday and it was fun!  As it always feels wonderful to step away and go some place new all while breaking away from daily routine, this trip did just that. I visited once about 8 years ago very briefly, so it was nice to be real tourists this time around.  From scrumptious chowda, to "mock" Bloody Mary's for myself, and some great laughs, this four day trip did the trick!

We also indulged in delicious ice cream and lots of french fries and Italian food, {Boston has a crazy line up filled with Italian restaurants}. It was called "North End", but I liked saying Little Italy.  That name just seemed fitting for that area. We felt swallowed by at least 35-40 Italian style places. It was overwhelming. Luckily, while checking out the menu of one restaurant, a kind, local gentleman told us that This Amazing Place was one of the best and that they had a roof deck. Sometimes when we take others suggestions for dining spots, it turns out to be a abysmal. Boy was this guy on point!  I would have liked to take more photos of the food, but I was too hungry and just honestly wanted to enjoy the experience and evening.  I also had spilled my delicious spicy tomato juice all over myself and the table, with a slight hormonal breakdown. I then overcame it, ordered another glass, and all was well in the world again.

Phew. These crying spells are annoying, and probably make me look like such an ass hat.

The roof deck sure was beautiful.

I am currently on the couch in comfy gear, waiting for Sammy boy to be cleared from getting  pampered at the groomers; and then it's off for some dinner at the In-Laws. I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and here's to a hopefully, short four-day workweek.

Happy September and Happy 3 weeks until Fall!  Are you counting down like I am?  Boots, leggings, pumpkin-everything...can't wait!

I wanted to leave you with a few more trip photos!

Talk soon!

Havaaaaad.  There is no "r"

Please check out my instagram photos as well. There's a couple more yummy photos hanging out there.

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  1. I would love to visit Boston! how fun to go to Cheers?! i CAN'T wait for fall! yay!