August 26, 2013

Easy Egg Toast

Morning, morning!

I don't know what it is, but now that Summer is coming to a rapid close, all I want to do is soak it up. It could be because I didn't care too much about Summer and its fun activities since finding out the big news early June.  This Summer definitely flew by without a care in the world, but I'm now determined to enjoy the rest of the season with a huge smile and a little extra ice cream and funnel cake on the side.

Oh, and grapes.  I'm recently obsessed with them!

The weekend was truly wonderful. It was very relaxing and the weather couldn't be more perfect. Between finally getting in the kitchen a little more and cooking a tasty meal, to a nice trip to the beach and then a hop in my in-laws pool; I can't complain at all.  


With leftovers of mac n cheese last night, of course I would also get the urge to cook up something yummy and quick and different for you guys. That's always on my mind, but certain recipes take more time to work out. This amazingly easy breakfast takes five minutes tops, and is perfect for a delicious bite, yet it's very filling and on the healthier side of what breakfast can sometimes be.

I saw this recipe a while back in my Food Network bible cookbook. When I want to get inspired, I crack the book open and just stare at all the beautiful photos.

All you need is some butter or margarine, two eggs, and your favorite kind of bread.

I prefer whole wheat bread.

Choose a small drinking glass to make a round ring in the bread. Or another tool that makes a perfect circle. ;)  I didn't have too many options for utensils. Or I was just impatient and wanted to get cookin'.

This is the fun part!

Easy Egg Toast

1. Melt 1-2 Tablespoons of butter or margarine in a hot skillet.
2. Cut the rings out of the center of your bread and place in the skillet.
3. Crack the eggs in the cut out center of the bread.
4. Gradually add a bit more butter or margarine in the pan as the bread and egg cook; about five minutes.
5. Flip and cook the other side until the bread is slightly toasted and egg is cooked thoroughly.  If you like a runny egg, by all means, cook it a bit less and enjoy!
6. Top with your favorite egg topping, or simply salt and pepper is great.

This is really delicious and pretty fun to make.  Get crackin' on it.

 What's your favorite type of a simple/easy breakfast?

- I love stuff like this when it involves egg. Or Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and some granola.

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  1. yes! we call this egg in the hole and I love it a whole lot!