May 21, 2013

Snapshots From a Tired Lady

Hello!  Hope this week is treating you kind.  It's more of a tiring week for me; a more 'feeling kinda cruddy and bloated" type week for me.  meh.  But I have two more days and then I don't go back until Tuesday! Gotta love Holiday weekends! I am currently sitting outside on the patio on this gorgeous evening we're having in Jersey.  But mother nature apparently has different plans later in the week with downpours and T-storms to come.  I don't mind that stuff though, and we could still use some good ol' rain to get this nasty yellow chalk pollen out of our hair.  It's been much warmer though and I will take that kind of weather any day.

The hubby and I right now.  We work hard so we play hard. hehe.

I thought I'd share a few snapshots from the weekend and this week so far as I really don't have energy to do much right now and don't feel too hot.  Although, I always have energy to read other blogs which I will most likely do once I am finished with this post. :) 

I give you instagram photos from a lazy tired girl!  Enjoy!

Arthritis walk with my ladies. Sammy.more walk {I got a ten minute free massage aka heaven}! Toasted bagel with tomato, melted gruyere and smoked-cheddar topped with a little evoo and panko bread crumb.Yummy Mimosa Post-walk. Iced coffee with skim. Sammy and I chillin'. Knocked up aka nevergetsold. quick, yummy lunch. dark chocolate break. Froyo.

Question of the day:  How obsessed are you with Instagram?  I'm pretty crazy about it! :)

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  1. What a cute little dog you have! I'm pretty into Instagram, but not as obsessed as I am with blogs!