May 23, 2013

A Totally Random Post: Questions, mainly

Oh Hey!

How are you doing?

Today is my last day of work to kick off the Holiday weekend until Tuesday!  Holla!  {Errr, sorry. I actually hate it when people say "holla" and that word has never rolled off my tongue before, unless I have been 5 deep in margarita ville; let alone me typing that out}. But, at the end of the day, I'm pretty stoked about a 4-day weekend!  :)

Ahh, now some randomness:


- What are you doing for the Holiday weekend?  We are having a BBQ on Saturday and GOD WILLING, mother nature is not PMSing.  I keep seeing 60% chance of rain and then 30%. Not cool. Guess we will just see.  Sunday we have nothing planned; probably just a lot of cleaning up and chillin' it. Oh and eating leftovers. That's really the best part of gatherings, right?  Monday we are going to our best friends parents' house for another BBQ. It's an annual thing. Did I mention they have the most amazing pool and backyard and garden, ever?  It's open for business, too! I hope the sun is shining and it's HOT cos' I am jumpin' in! {Before I pig out of course}!

-What are your BIGGEST pet peeves?  Brace yourselves, because these are mine:  ANY kind of loud mouth noises.  Swallowing or chewing. Forget it. I cannot last longer than a minute around whomever is being gross, even if they do not realize it.  It's not necessary AT ALL to chew gum like a pissed off cow. It's not necessary AT ALL to swallow your beverage loud, and keep swallowing it in different intervals so that those sounds have a rhythmic pattern. Oh yes, people do that. And it's a real thing. It's not necessary AT ALL to keep smacking your lips after every bite. Just stop it.  It's an awful thing to do. My dog even knows better. {but he's the exception to the rule...sometimes}. :) 
 Have I marked my territory yet of being 'mean'?  I'm sorry.  I'm just ranting off my answers to my question,  while being honest with you, that's all. I'm really a nice person.  Give it time. :)

So, that's my #1 pet peeve. A few others?  Negative people. Boring people. Jealous people. Fake people. Rude people aka people who think they have 'special pants' and that they actually do put them on a different way than you. Um, nope sorry. We are the same people and you are not better than me. We put THE same exact pants on every day...among other things.  My Grand pop always used to say that to me and it's a VERY good lesson to have and learn. I will keep that with me until the day I die.  I also can't stand employees who don't acknowledge you at all when you walk into their store. OR when they look at you...yet say not a word.  What's so hard about saying, "hello." ??  I also don't like them up my butt while I'm shopping.  Happy Balance people.  But a quick hello never hurt anyone.  Oh, and people talking on their cell phones while driving.  It's unsafe AND they drive slower and dumber. Put the cell phone away!


- What are your most sinful and favorite eats?  I love me some salted-caramel ANYTHING, brownies with chunks of chocolate chips in them, REAL Ice Cream, with loads of yummy toppings, Reese's Piece's are my #1 weakness candies, Pizza with extra cheese, CHEESE, thick and creamy milkshakes, BBQ potato chips, waffles, bacon, and pancakes. OK. Sorry for making you drool all over yourself and maybe ruining your 'healthy food thoughts.'  for the day. My bad. :)

- Are you OCD with anything?   I sure am. just a teeny, tiny bit.  Cleaning, like, everything and everywhere but ONLY when I am in FULL BLOWN CLEANING MODE. I'm sure everyone gets like that at some point. But not a day goes by where I don't think about cleaning something; toilets, sinks, kitchen counter tops, table, floors, glass, vacuuming.  The mental list goes on and on. Details.  I feel with my work, this blog, other blogs, invites to somewhere, and just in general every day life happenings, I am a detail-oriented person.  I really don't miss a beat.  Besides wanting to (unless hubby somehow squeezes it in before me and then shuts me up)  get the last word in. I am just always 'on' I feel.  The mind doesn't stop thinking. I think that's good and bad.  I have been trying my best, this year the most, to chilllll it more and not hone in on every thought or detail I see and try to fix it.  Does that make sense?  I know I'm probably coming off real jittery right now aren't I?  I did just have 2 cups of coffee.  hehe.   Every day is a new beginning, right?  Did I mention I am obsessed with spell check , too?  We get along great, but I think it feels that I am just using it.  See what I did there?  I tried to make a  funny. :)  I also love emails and am ALWAYS checking my mail. I don't even get important emails. It could be anything. But I am checking it 95% of the time { even easier now with the iPhone..eek!} and I get back to whomever literally within 5 minutes.  "I'm right on top of that, Rose!"  <--- Name that movie!

- How many times do you hit the snooze button?  At least 15 times. yep.

I want this shirt like yesterday!

Even more random:  You know what's really bothersome?  Washing your hands in the restroom, then when you go to leave, you touch the filthy doorknob.  I ALWAYS take a paper towel or tissue or something before I leave the restroom to open the door  with that nasty-germ filled door handle!  OK Dana, good to know.

-What's your "therapy" ?  Cooking, sunshine, exercise {although I suck at working out recently}, songs that take me back to good memories/moments/people, dancing and having a good time! Chocolate.  Oh and of course, wine. sometimes.  :)

Confession Time: Sometimes I worry that the trash collectors will think we are alcoholics because of all the wine bottles in the cans. Really not looking forward to what they will think after the Holiday weekend. ;)   Give me one confession, pretty please?

I feel like today doesn't count or something because it's my 'last day.' It's a bit boring right now at work and we have a lovely new system training at 3pm. So.not.motivated. I hope it goes fast!!  Tonight I hope to hit the gym and then we are probably just chillin' it. If we have dinner, I have no clue what it'll be.  I don't feel like cooking. It's supposed to rain and T-storm.  Friday is errand day and preparing for the BBQ on Saturday! Hubby took off, too!  Please pray it doesn't rain. Or just think it.  Something. 

Menu plans:

Homemade:  mac & cheese (mom)
                   fruit salad (MIL)
                   Brownies (mom)
                   Potato Salad (me)
                   Meatballs (me)
                   Hummus (me)
                   Red & White Sangria (me)

Other items:    Burgers & Dogs
And few other yummy things up my sleeve. :)

Remember, I'm the crazy one and you rock!  I plan on taking tons of snapshots of the BBQ  (mainly food, naturally) and some people that I like. Have a good one and I'll be back soon with a yummy recipe or two!

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  1. I'm totally with you on people making loud mouth noises! Especially snoring. I want to throw a pillow at snorers!