May 4, 2013

Peanut Butter & Jelly Bars

Morning!  Happy Saturday!

If you haven't had breakfast yet, maybe make these bars?  I mean Peanut butter has protein and jelly is part of a breakfast food.  All you need is milk then, right?  Okay. I mean, these bars are perfect for dessert too. You know what?  Scratch that.  Any time of day, make these bars, and then eat them.

I have always had a crush on PB&Js. The combination is just so tasty together. It just, ya know, works.  I rarely eat those kind of sandwiches nowadays, but if I do, it's on a toasted bagel or English muffin and it's amazing.  I also have a major obsession with just peanut butter in general.

I also adore jams. Preferably raspberry, strawberry and apricot. I'm all about sweet and savory; if you haven't been able to tell yet.

These bars are moist,  have just the right amount of chewiness, and great peanut butter taste and sweetness from the raspberry jam.  They aren't oozing out with jam, which I actually like. They are, however, a bit messy with crumbs.  It's totally worth it though.

Did I ever tell you how much I heart the Barefoot Contessa aka Ina Garten?  Well I do.  She's amazing. And so are her PB&J Bars. I didn't change one thing about her recipe.  Well, I used my JIF peanut butter instead of her Skippy, but that's just plain obvious.  Oh, and I didn't use peanuts, but that's it!  Promise!  :)

You may need some milk with these bars. Hence; consume these for breakfast or dessert. :)

What are your plans for the weekend?

-we are getting certain things done that need to get done and totally chillin'. The past two weekends were crazy for us. I made up a menu for dinner tonight on the grill out on the patio. Can't wait!

Take it easy, friends.


  1. No you didn't. Seriously. I may be waking up at 4am so I can have these for breakfast tomorrow!! Droooollllinnnngggg ;)

    1. haha! Awesome. Although, I forbid you to wake up that early!! Maybe 6? :)