March 8, 2013

Friday Five and some Marshmallow Brownies !

These brownies come first.

O to the M to the G!.  Let's take a second here and discuss these amazing, gooey brownies.  Please?

It shan't be long.

So last night, on a whim, all I really wanted to do was mix some ingredients together. I totally get the urge sometimes to do that. I just wanted to mix some oil with some egg and make a quick and easy brownie dish.  Do you ever just get that I have to bake something moment?  Yeah, I thought so.  Cooking in general for me, is a great stress reliever.  But baking is different.  There is measuring of ingredients, mixing, folding, licking, stirring, muffin-lining, cook spraying, oven temps, and spatula-ing the heck out of that delicious bowl o' batter.  Baking requires a little more attention and focus. 

As I do prefer cooking to baking, I am constantly thinking about the different varieties of muffins and cookies and brownies and bars to make and it's really starting to grow on me more and more.  Baking is fun! It allows you to become more creative each time you do it.  And when it came to these awesome brownies, these EASY , awesome brownies, it all just made sense. I've been wanting to make brownies with marshmallows on them for some time now, and there are so many different kinds out there and about 42394237472471 different recipes for just some simple boxed brownie mix and the puffy white stuff , that it makes the head spin!!

One recipe looked incredible and they were similar to this simple recipe, but they topped off the marshmallow with chocolate frosting.  Yowza!  I figured this time around, this batch could do without an added layer of heavy frosting.

These were  SO GOOD!

Friends, all you need is this stuff:

1 box of your favorite brownie mix (I used fudgy brownie mix by Betty Crocker)
2 cups { and a little more, just because} of mini marshmallows
cooking spray
chocolate syrup (optional, but reallllly good and adds a bit more yummy chocolate flavor)
*Use all the ingredients listed on the brownie box and follow baking instructions

Once the brownie batter is mixed well, pour into a 13x9 inch, sprayed well with cooking spray pan.
Cover well with the marshmallows and drizzle some chocolate syrup on top.  Do not fret.  I also thought that the marshmallows were going to become totally black and burnt in the oven for the 25 minutes the brownies were to bake. Take a sip of wine and breathe. They were totally fine. They were puffed up perfectly and just the right color of brown.  In other words, they were so pretty!

I know you'll want to dig right into these babies when they first come out of their warm home. I did!  But don't!  You promise?  You will burn the tips of your fingers and become very sad.  Cool these completely before cutting into them!  And be sure to spray the knife or spatula down pretty well with cooking spray as the marshmallow will stick to the utensil you use.

Get ready to get sticky and smile a lot!  These are a wonderful treat!

Friday Five!

Soooo, it's almost midnight and I am exhausted!  Just being honest.  :)

Here are the awesome finds in photo-only form that tickled my fancy this week!  Enjoy!

1. New flats! {Spring time is approaching}

2. Yummy food-scented candles!  {Target has them}!!

3.  Zitner Chocolate Candy Eggs

I'm so happy to see these out on the shelves again!  So damn tasty!

4. Luna Bars! 

I forgot about these bars for about 6 months!  Why?  I have no clue.  They are delish and my favorite thing to eat on my way to the gym.

5. Olive Gardens' Chicken Marsala

The hubby and I were starving and wanted Italian. DONE!  I love this dish from the OG. It was so yummy and hit the spot for sure! We were so tired from the work day and I was so not cooking.

 I always order angel hair pasta in place of the roasted potatoes that come with it.

What tickled your fancy this week?

Do you like The Olive Garden?

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