March 23, 2013

Classic Blue Cheese Wedge

Hi There!

How's everything going?   Anything new and exciting?! I know I've been missing the past couple of days. 

You can blame my disappearance on food poisoning.  Or the drenched-in-grease fish and chips I had? Or was it a 24 hour flu? Whatever it was, it was nasty and I'm happy it only took a single day to leave my system.  Ugh. Nasty, when I tell you!  I felt like it had to of been food poisoning because I had about 5 of the 10 symptoms. {of what I googled}.  It started around 1030pm on Wednesday night and I felt like death pretty much until 7pm Thursday night.  The hubby and I got dinner at a cute Irish Pub and restaurant. It's nice there.  However, the quality of their food is a dismal and they are way over-priced.  We won't be going back anytime soon. It's a shame because it's a nice place and I've had their fish n chips once before and I was fine. But, the food is not up to my standards to return. 

I downed ginger ale and Gatorade like my life depended on it. Not literally, but I did feel like I was dying. So, kinda, sorta?  I  ate about 6 saltines with a tiny smear of peanut butter when I actually felt hungry, and Pepto tablets were my version of candy for the day.  They worked like a charm after a while.

I just have a little bit of cramping going on here and there but nothing compares to Thursday. I made it. I'm alive. I finally have my entire appetite back and am not repulsed at the sight of anything you just do not want to look at or smell when you feel like crapola. However, I'm not overdoing it with crazy foods like a huge hot dog with all the fixings, or a huge ice cream sundae. I'm keeping it pretty light.

And I know what you're thinking. A classic blue cheese wedge is definitely not too light.  There's the chunky dressing, the blue cheese crumbles, and my favorite part, the crispy bacon.  Yes, not too light. I hear ya!  

But, see?!!  Isn't she stunning!?

Come onnnn.

If you told me on Thursday that I would be making a classic wedge and then  taking a few bites of it, I would have laughed in your face.  Anything sounds gross when you feel awful and have nausea.  Even chocolate. Well, almost.  I was a good girl though and haven't touched that stuff in a few days.

This wedge salad could be enjoyed for lunch or dinner. Even at brunch if you're feeling frisky. Throw in a few mimosas while you're at it!  It's cool, crisp and delicious! It has incredible flavor and is beyond filling.  It's also fun to make! I even think this creation would be enjoyed by a five year old.  Getting to cover something with another substance and have it almost look like a crazy mess?  That's fun in my book!  I did not finish that huge chunk of lettuce, the rest is saved for tomorrow or a possible Monday lunch.  I really wanted to eat the whole thing...

I truly believe this could pass for a five-star restaurant course. The quality of the ingredients are simple yet really divine!

The Classic Blue Cheese Wedge


1 head of lettuce
chunky or creamy and thick, blue cheese dressing
Blue cheese crumbles (find them in the "fancier" cheese section of the food store)
your favorite kind of bacon (I adore apple-smoked)
half of 1 tomato
ground black pepper


Wash the head of lettuce pretty well, wipe with paper towel.  Chop one side of it in a wedge shape. Pour as much dressing as you'd like over the wedge. Top with the crumbles, then  the tomato, then the bacon, and finally, the black pepper.  *This time around, mainly for the fact that I was lazy and also less clean up, I microwaved the bacon. I know...I know!  Friends, this bacon was the best bacon I've eaten yet!  And my first time microwaving it.  So, I think that's pretty good for me!

I found this bacon to be awesome!  It's organic and had hardly any fat on it. Which, when it comes to bacon, it can be HARD to slice those puppies up.  It was delicious!  I easily sliced four strips until I got crumbles of it, placed them in the microwave on a safe plate with paper towels for about a total of 5 minutes; popping in here and there to check on them.  5 minutes gave it the perfect little crispiness I longed for.

And that was it!

So good when I tell you!

Make this because you're hungry. Make this because you forgot about this amazing creation and you must have it now!  Make this because it literally takes all of ten minutes from start to finish! Please do one of those...I beg of you. {Me? I can't wait until Monday's lunch...and I never say anything good about Monday's}.  :)

I hope your Saturday is amazing!



  1. We just went to whole foods for dinner tonight and my husband got a tasty wedge salad with his sandwich! I forgot how tasty they are!

  2. I know! As I eat it, I'm like in amazement at how tasty it is! I was never a blue cheese fan unless I dipped buffalo wings in it; but when it comes to this wedge, forget it. :)