March 5, 2013

Back In The Day

Good morning friends!

First of all, let's just start off by saying how amazing it is and what a difference it makes when you do a light cleanse for ONE day.  But hold that thought. Yesterday, let's just say, my stomach had awful pains and they hurt real bad.  I remember everything I ate and I know exactly why I had those pains.

All in order from morning to night:

Between 830am-11am:

black coffee with dash of skim milk
water bottle
granola cereal with skim milk
water bottle
Luna bar


2 slices of mozz cheese
2 hard-boiled eggs
thin pretzel crackers (about ten)

And then I pretty much ran to the ladies room every 20 minutes. :-(

Now, I try to eat little things like that throughout the day, but I know none of that was of decent substance and the eggs with the cheese?  What was I thinking?  At the time it tasted delish!  Never Again!!

It wasn't that I ate lighter to lose weight or diet on purpose, because I am totally not on any diet. I do not like the word DIET.  But this past weekend involved a decent amount of rich food and I did want to keep Monday on the lighter side.  But this is why I don't understand my body.  The above was a good amount of food that I consumed, but I know some of it was not the best of choices.  But I was thinking I would feel decently full after 11am with that Luna bar. Uh, not at all.  So throughout the rest of the day, I felt shaky and lightheaded as if I had not one crumb of food allllll day.

I don't get it.  And sometimes I can go 4 hours without any food and not feel hungry whatsoever.  What's up with that??  I guess that's just the adventure of being a woman? With the hormones and the hot messes we can be?  Ugh.  Yesterday was not fun.  So by the time I got home, I still felt pretty crampy and a little gassy. {I think you already knew that part} :-)   And for some crazy reason, I decided to still hit the gym.  I felt it would help to break a sweat and get moving a little bit and it totally did.

I did twenty minutes on the treadmill (running/walking) and ten minutes on the stair machine and it felt great! And oddly enough, when I got home, I wasn't too hungry; just thirsty and tired.  Gary even made himself some mac and cheese and I sat on the couch, watching T.V. , content with my large mug of green tea.  I wanted nothing to do with food the rest of the night. 

Working out and cleansing the rest of the evening with just some green tea apparently helped!  I lost 3 pounds in one day...apparently. But I did check it...three times.  I know some people don't trust scales and I know you shouldn't rely on them completely, but I personally like to weigh myself almost every day to track it.  It's just my thing.

And today?  Today I feel great!  I am currently sipping on water and coffee and it's 10am.  I have an apple that I'm going to eat soon and I bought a turkey salad on pita for lunch that I can't wait to dig into!  It really is amazing what one day of cleansing will do for your body!  One more thing, please read this when you have a moment. Watermelon is fabulous for your body!! Watermelon !

And now after reading that novel which I'm sure was a snooze fest... I'd like to share some kiddie pics with you. Just, well, because.  Maybe to put a smile on your face?  Or maybe to let you have a moment of nostalgia....

Mom had some pretty great clothes...

I find this pic just hilarious...

Dad and me :)

Imitating Great-Grandma

Friends' birthday party. (lovely bathing suit...)

Our 2nd pup, Alex.  Great dog!

What we gave to Santa and his Reindeer...yes, that is money that you see there. 

Hope your Tuesday is a great one!


  1. Sometimes our bodies are just plain WEIRD! Way to go for getting back on track : ).

    I love the throwback pics at the end. Adorable!

  2. Agreed! Thanks and thanks! :)