March 2, 2013

Shamrock Shake! 2-19-13

I used to allllways get these as a kid.  My Dad and I would each get one (of course!) on our Saturday morning drives to McDonald's for breakfast.  I still remember those amazing pancakes with the huge scoop of butter and packaged syrup. They were goooood.  I think I'll have to indulge one day and go get me some pancakes from McDonald's! 

Okay, so back to the shake!  These creamy, cold, minty, thick,and delicious treats are only ever out for a limited time. After have to wait an entire year for one!  You could always make yourself a 'lighter' version of it, but who wants to do that?  You have to like the flavor of mint, though. Like, really like mint.  I love anything with mint in it, especially when it's combined with dark chocolate.  So, in honor of this amazing shake that's upon us for an entire month, I have a funny story. Well, I didn't find it funny at all when it happened, but now I do.  I wish I was sucking through the shake straw as I was typing this right now. But it's still morning time and I am currently loving my plain coffee.

This was about six or seven years ago when I was working in the restaurant business. I started working in restaurants at the age of 17 and started as just a hostess.  And when I turned 18, waiting tables began for the next ten years of my life! I'm going to add a note really quick because I want to add it, I DESPISED this kind of job. I pretty much sucked up those ten years of my life almost  Nothing against that business or waiters and waitresses , (obviously, because I adore food and love eating out at new places and such). It just was not for me. Ever.  In my opinion, that kind of job is a lifestyle choice. Unless you're a teenager just in it for summer money. It's hard work, you're on your feet all day , the hours are completely  rough, and let's face it, 90% of the time, you're never appreciated. The extra cash in your pocket was THE ONLY best part. And that's if you actually had a busy night!

Six months before my wedding, I found a pretty great office job in Philly and was finally able to 100% get out of the restaurant bizz for good!  I was 28 and extremely happy!!

Rant is over. :-) 

So, this shake story. I was headed to my restaurant job for the night.  It was probably around 4pm and I reallllly wanted a Shamrock Shake! A large one as well. In the restaurant business, I think all of the workers lived at Wawa.  If you worked a 12 hour shift, you had to pick up food to eat....since you had to pay 15 bucks or more if you wanted your dinner from your actual place of work. Yep.

I was a little bit late to work because the particular McDonald's I went to for the shake....was ALL OUT OF THEM!  Yeah...I was in shock too. I was upset.  And I was pissed.  I called my husband {then, boyfriend} randomly at work bawling like a baby (I know...I am crazy) and venting to him as to how badly I wanted a shamrock shake and how I could not believe they were out of them! The poor guy thought it was something important.  The lovely rational thinker he is. 

I of course laugh at this now...

That's pretty much the story.  But to me, that was false advertising. Or just bad business practice.  You can't have a popular product out there for an entire month, and just "run out" of it. Yes, they are popular and that is a good thing if they sell a crap load of them.  But it's about staying ahead in the business, too!!  Make extra batches or something.  Or have your sister or cousin McDonald's bring extra over. You can't run out of a good thing, ya just can't!  Especially if it's only a one month thing.  That had placed such a damper on the rest of my night at work. Boo. 

I am getting one this year though!  It's been at least five years since I have had a shamrock shake and I'm going to savor every.single.sip.

What do you think about the restaurant bizz?  Ever worked in one?  What was your job title?

Are you a mint fan?  Do you like Shamrock Shakes?

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  1. Love the Shamrock Shake. Very hard to stay away from them. I love the mint too. Too bad it's only for one month. I agree, how could they run out???
    I was never in the restaurant business, but I do appreciate a good server!! If they're good, they get to go home with some good cash! If not, then they won't even be able to afford the Shamrock shake!!! Mom