February 26, 2013

I Ate Diner Chicken Parm

Happy Tuesday!

I'm just going to let you know right now that this post is short and sweet and has no photos. {cue Debbie Downer music...now}!

That's only because I was so famished that I teared into the food asap!

Last night we ate diner food. We ordered it 'take-out' style. It was from the crappy diner down the street that we might occasionally eat breakfast at once every three months.  It was a long Monday, a crappy Monday to be exact, we were both exhausted , and starving.  And the most obvious thing, I was not in the mood to cook. Like, at all.   That saddens me a little to say that. The gym didn't even enter my mind.  Well,  it did after I devoured my Styrofoam to-go box of chicken parm, Green beans and mashed potatoes.  I know.  I can't believe I ate that either.  I have to say though, it was pretty darn good.  The beans were okay, but I added a little butter to them with slivered almonds.  There mashers were actually very creamy and flavorful. And the chicken parm was huge and slathered with a decent marinara sauce and yummy melted and  gooey provolone cheese.  They even gave me a small plastic ramekin with Parmesan cheese.  How cute.

I was starving and it was good!  Gary ordered a Turkey Club and ate every last crumb of it.  I sipped away on my Skinny Girl margarita on the couch , while watching one of our Netflix movies that came in the mail that day.  It was nice to eat substance, unwind and do...nothing.  I'm not 'shocked' or anything that I ate that kind of meal for dinner; especially that kind of meal from a diner, but I rarely eat that way for dinner.  That kind of meal to me is a Sunday with family kind of meal.  Or just weekend meals.

I hope to hit the gym tonight, it's been two days since I went and I kind of miss it.

I hope you have a great Tuesday (but let's all hope together that it flies by!!)

Have you ever eaten a dinner portion meal from a diner?

I know that's not unheard of, but for some reason when I hear diner, I think breakfast almost immediately.

What's your favorite diner-style food item?

Do you use Netflix? we have it via our T.V. and get two DVDs mailed out.  I LOVE it.

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