February 21, 2013

Friday Five!

Happy Friday!!

This is a new thing guys! Yay! Okay...I apologize for the peppiness this morning. I am typing this up at 11pm on Thursday night.  I really don't even know how because I am exhausted from the week.  So, if I start to have more and more typos and this post starts to not make sense, I am wish I was not sipping wine.  I really am just tired. 

I've decided to make this " Friday Five" thing... a weekly thing!  Unless I get sick again...Let's hope not!  I have a lot of favorite things that I love, but I'd like to share five things with you that I'm really into from that particular week; or just things that I stumbled upon that I feel you should also be aware of! 

I give you the very first official Friday Five!

1.  Steve Madden...shoes. 

I have no idea what you would exactly call these heels.  All I know is that I loved them when I first saw them and that they were originally $39.99 and I got them for 70% off!  So that's...err....$27 dollars-ish..right?  Something like that! What a great steal they were and I found them at my favorite Consignment shop here

My only thing is that..I don't do the tall heel thing. Like hardly ever anymore.   I bought these because they have a very thick, wedge like heel to them that I loved and they are unlike any pair of shoes that I own. I just don't want to fall on my face in them! And again, they really are a sexy shoe. So I hope to wear them and soon!

2. Lip Gloss with some Color!

I'm more of a chap stick kind of girl, but every now and then I like some color on my lips. But a subtle color.  I also love it because my hair doesn't get stuck in it if it's windy outside. You know what I'm talking about. It's no fun when that happens!  This is stick-free lip gloss my pretty lady friends!

This Blushing Berry Lip Gloss  #162 by Loreal is perfect! It looks dark in the tube, but goes on very sheer and gives a nice kiss of juicy berry. Love. It.

I've been pretty obsessed with it lately and I will need to buy another one probably within the next week.  Go buy yourself a tube! Isn't she purdy?

3.  Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Ever since I made this, I have had a secret love affair with this bread.  I honestly think I last had a slice of this maybe in 2004 sometime?!  Uhhh, yeah.  Too long...cos' this stuff is the bomb!

Add Peanut Butter. The JIF kind!  It's also really yummy with honey and cream cheese.

nom. nom. nom.

4.  This awesome, portable drinking cup and Breakfast Smoothie!  This smoothie was pretty darn delicious and refreshing.  I just added some honey it for a touch more sweetness.  I'm hoping to jump on the smoothie bandwagon again soon because I just think they are so good and fun to make! 

By the way...that pretty glitter nail polish has worn off already!  Remember to always apply a clear top coat so they don't chip off the very next day!  Duh.

I found this drinking cup *straw included* at my local grocery store. It was $7.99!   It's thick, it's portable, it keeps cold beverages colder longer, and the same goes for hot beverages.  I have already used it for this smoothie, iced coffee, cranberry juice, and hot coffee.  I'm borderline obsessed with it already.  I'm sorry I do not know the exact brand of what I have. I kind of tore open the box and washed the cup and drank out of it...all within 2 minutes.

I think it looks very similar to this. But  that's way more $$$!  Always check your local food store first for these kind of products. They always have stuff like this, you just have to really look around.

5.  This Book

Believe it or not, I found this book in a Kitchen Kapers store around Christmas time.  It really has some great sayings and phrases and a lot of it hits home for me in different ways and just makes plain old sense.

This "Move on" phrase is a great one! {sorry if it's difficult to read}.

I used to always live in the past. A lot. And if someone upset me way back when, I wouldn't  live in the moment at all. In the now. I was silly and just focused on the past and that moment where that person pretty much sucked at life.  The past is the past.  You have got to live in the moment.

Also, don't stress about the future. You have no clue what it's about. Whatever happens, happens.

I say Google it or search for it on Amazon.com or any bookstore online. I'm sure you'll find a copy! :-)

I hope you enjoyed the very first Friday Five!!

Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. I never wear lipgloss but that color is so rich, vibrant, and beautiful! Hmm, maybe I should try it out :) I recently just started a youtube Korean food channel, EasyKoreanFood, where you can learn how to make fast and easy Korean food! It would mean the world to me if you took the time to check it out because I'm just starting out! Thanks!

    1. Awesome! I love Korean food. And Japanese. And Chinese. Ahhhh the list goes on! Thanks for stopping by and I will totally check your site out!