February 20, 2013


I thought I'd compile a list of things that distract me at the gym.  I'm also excruciatingly bored at work currently. 

Please add to this list! I know you have them too!  You may even have something that bugs me as well, but that I just forgot to jot down. 

I would love to know what really gets your goat!  :-)

1. People who simply do not concentrate on their workout at all.  From my peripheral vision, I totally see them looking at me.  Or they are tying their shoe laces non-stop, playing with the different buttons on the machine, talking on their phone, picking up their water bottles every 2 seconds, and simply just scouring the entire gym.  If you are going to put in some time to workout, focus people!  I know we all have our off days, but it's not fun when you are trying to focus and ya got Anxious Larry next to you on the treadmill.

2. Workout clothes.  Look in the mirror before you leave the house, I beg you!  I belong to Planet Fitness where their motto is, "No Judgement!"  I get that and I like that.  But can you really workout in jeans?  Tight jeans at that?  And how about crazy long jewelry?  Really ladies?  Don't do that, please?  I sort of felt bad for this one woman the other night. She had a long gold chain on and when she went to get back up from fixing her socks, the chain got caught on the middle handle bar of the treadmill. Luckily, she didn't start up the machine just yet. But her necklace broke. Ugh. it was painful to watch.  Take off all jewelry!  It's just easier!  And men in tight spandex shorts who resemble laundry bags filled with meat?  Not attractive. Oh, and it's not 1989. Just sayin.

3. Teenagers.  Yes I know, everyone should fit some type of workout in and try to get healthy at really any age. But when they show up in packs and groups of like ten...it reminds me of high school.  I actually await a girls fight certain times I'm there. Some girls definitely look around to see who they can mock. Oh, I have seen it with my own eyes. I see a lot of 'boy buddies' do this as well, but they are at least concentrating on their biceps and the like.  The girls normally sport the tightest kind of workout clothes that Joyce Leslie sells, and they mostly ALL wear their hair DOWN. Who does that? Why on earth would you ever workout with your long hair completely down?  You might have gorgeous hair, I can see it, clearly. But for the gym? Negative. I think the word you are looking for here is stupid. 

4. Men who stare at you.  I know, that's a pretty obvious one.  But really? Bud, you're most likely 55 years old and have a daughter almost my age... I am beet red in the face and a sweaty, drippy mess. I can't wait to take a shower and eat dinner!  Now get out of my way. Gotta love men. Ya can't change em' :-)

5. The  Gym T.V.s. I have to listen to tunes while I workout, otherwise, I turn into distraction #1 above.  Totally!  I can't read a book/ magazine or watch TV. It has to be music all the way. But sometimes when I'm listening to my tunes and then a good show catches my eye, despite there being no sound, I start to lose some of my momentum.  I hate when this happens!  I'll get really into the show...with no sound!!  It's usually a show I have seen before or the fact that I just love the characters in it; but it really tends to eventually ruin my good workout.  I try my best to focus on something solid. Like the gym floor or the bright purple walls. It just depends on the night.

6. Packed like Sardines in the Gym!  I do find it very motivating when I pull into the gym parking lot and it is just crazy packed like it's Christmas time!  Ithink it's great that people like to workout!  But it's always packed like sardines in there during the week, M-F. And I'm not a fan of this.  I don't usually get to fit in what I would normally do on a Friday afternoon at the gym or on weekends for the fact that it's really just too packed. And hot, at that!  The entire gym looks and feels like I'm in a sauna.  That's to be expected with so many people, sweating. a lot.  But it's not pretty and it's not fun all the time. I'm lucky if I find an available treadmill.

It's not a good excuse to say, "well...it's too packed,I'll cut it short tonight"  But sometimes...I have to do that.  I'm tired from the long work day, it's pushing 8pm, I'm starving, and I have other crap to do.  So, M-Th for me personally, kinda, pretty much sucks at the gym.  I still go though....most of the time.

Did I miss anything?  Please share what irks you!!

Happy Workout!  :-)

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