February 11, 2013

A Little Coffetalk and a Healthy Bite

Hi Guys!  I thought we'd have a nice little evening chat for a few minutes.  I hope you had a decent Monday. Mine was a little rough.  I felt uncomfortable most of the day and that was because I was smart and downed two bowls of my skinny cow dessert with a ton of cool whip and chocolate sauce last night.  Yeah, um, not too good for the first half of the day. And I was just really tired from the weekend.  And , well, it was  Monday.  Coffee was my best bud today.

As you are well aware,  The 'Lovey-Dovey' Holiday is upon us.  If you have someone special in your life, that's great!  If you don't have someone special in your life, that's fine too!  No really, it is. This Holiday is cute and all, but it's for one day only and that's it. It's just like a Wedding Day...that's a tad ironic , no? What I mean is that it all goes by so quickly. I want you to know that this Holiday does not define anything or anyone. It does not mean that just because some one's boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife purchased their partner  some flowers, jewelry, candies, and tickets to their favorite band or they got a massage, mani/pedi, gift certificate, or even a romantic weekend getaway, that that makes that couple better than you and your partner. Don't ever compare your relationship and what you have to others.  Things are usually not what they seem. 

fyi...I don't 'despise' this Holiday...this isn't meant to be that kind of venting. But I do have thoughts and opinions about it.... just like everyone else.

 I personally feel a lot of us, just in general and in our different relationships, seem to expect this kind of stuff from the other person.  It's all really just unnecessary.  Now, that does not mean that I don't like any of those things, or that I would give back a nice gift to the person who gave it to me; meanwhile throwing some sort of tantrum and becoming upset. Not at all.  But I don't ever expect to receive something from my husband. I know it depends on who we are and what we like or don't like, but I used to do that. I used to expect a lot from him and I have no clue why. He has always loved me, been fair to me, and has done numerous different thoughtful things through out our (almost) 9 year relationship.   So, at this point in our lives, I truly hope he never just 'up and changes' who he is, but I choose to live my life and be happy and thankful for what I have every day. Side Note:  some days are harder than others though. Let's face it ladies, men and women are sooooo different. :-)

So what are we doing this Valentine's Day?  We are grabbing dinner at P.F. Changs because I think it's been a good four years since we've been there.  Crazy, right? We love it there and we are just simply going out to dinner that night.  If my hubby happens to get me something for that day, then wonderful!  But I am not expecting anything except a nice date night out to a yummy restaurant together. I also understand that maybe it is just a bit easier for me and other people who have been with the same person for almost a decade, for us to not really be phased anymore when it comes to receiving/giving gifts for the other person. Bigger responsibilities set in like a new home, finances, and babies.  Newer couples might have this feeling, and it's fine.  Like I said, I've felt that way in the past. But I think not expecting anything or thinking about it constantly, leaves room for that  great surprise!  Surprises are never a bad thing; trust me!

If you do anything on Valentine's Day, no matter what your situation, promise me you'll just be happy.  Don't worry about a thing and just relax.  If you have nothing planned, I say still take care of yourself and do something that is going to make you happy. I hope you get a good stress-reliever workout in and cook yourself a scrumptious meal, relax and enjoy! 

What is the message here?  What is the purpose of this post? Well, I guess I just felt something had to be said about this Holiday.  Something had to be said for people out there who are not in a relationship, but have been looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right for some time now and nothing has happened.  I want you all to know that there is nothing 'wrong' with you.  Your time will come one day, it may just not be right now.  And take me for instance.  Yes, I am married. Yes, I married a great guy. We love each other and are happy.  But are we perfect? Ha!  Not even close.  Is there such a thing as perfect? Heck no.  Normalcy?  I doubt it.  What is 'normal' anyway?! I'd love to find out!  Marriage is hard work. Marriage will always have its ups and downs.  And, I'm sorry, but if there are never any curves in the road, like ever?  Then something is wrong in that relationship.  Because I just cannot fathom a relationship having no ups and downs.  Nu-uh.

So, I may be married and going out to dinner on Valentine's Day, but do not compare yourself to me. Do not compare yourself to others you know who are doing something that day with their significant other. We are all the same. We are no better than you.  Just. Do. You.  You'll be fine...I promise. :-)

Let's take a break now and pop one of these things in our mouths:

Peanut Butter Oat Balls

I know these are not romantic looking or shout out 'Valentine's Day'!  But these are still tasty little healthy bites for your busy schedule.  They are sweet and cute. Just like you.

1/2 cup Quaker Oats
1/2 cup Slivered Almonds
1/3 cup creamy peanut butter
2 T. Honey
2-3 T. milk
This will make about 10 yummy treats!

Stir everything together and add the milk as needed. You want just enough wetness to have everything combine well. Shape into balls and chill until ready to serve. 

Here's something cute:  If you happen to have a blind or regular date on Valentine's Day, make a few of these babies, meet at an adorable coffee shop, and share.  Cute and healthy.  They taste delish with coffee! They are also not messy at all, say like, spaghetti.

I want to know what your thoughts are on this Holiday. Please...the more, the merrier. 

Have a great Tuesday and don't forget to smile!

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