January 3, 2013

Breakfast. Lunch. AND Dinner!

Dinner was made tonight.  Breakfast and Lunch is made for tomorrow. I wish I could have this much energy everyday.  Albeit, I really wasn't that energized. I wanted to make dinner though and I wanted a little something with substance for possibly breakfast and then lunch tomorrow.  I love Friday's , (because it is of course Friday), but I also love them because those are my shorter days. I work 8am to about 12:30pm.  Our team works on M-Th, 8:30am-6pm. That's why our Fridays kick ass!  Regardless, it's still a long , tiring week. I plan on going to the gym when I get home, hitting the food store, then hopefully taking a little nap.  I don't know what it is this week. I am all about eating chocolate. M&Ms, and those Ghiardelli chocolate squares I bought. Ugh. Bad. Bad. Bad.  Not going to lie, I haven't been to the gym since Monday. Just not feeling it this week.  This happens from time to time.  It's normal, don't worry.

Dinner was marvelous; but certainly not fat-free. I made my Grand mom's Baked Mac and Cheese recipe, { comfort food on cold winter days never fails} only with some changes since I didn't have the on-hand ingredients that I thought I did.  Nothing too major.  { see full recipe in the "Top Ten" Tab}Whole grain penne pasta instead of elbow macaroni. And I had to buy 3 cans of Progresso Three-Cheese sauce starter (sorry Nana) at a local food mart near my work.  This was in place of Campbell's cheddar cheese soup.  It was still a cheese sauce, so it tasted almost identical. Really good.  And I just added extra Sargento sharp cheddar cheese in the sauce and on top of the casserole before going in the oven.  This turned out super creamy and hit the spot!  The hubby loved it!, which doesn't hurt.

 Thick and creamy (and cheesy) sauce!

Pour pasta in greased baking dish.

Pour cheese sauce in. (mmm)

melted butter and breadcrumb time!

It should look "clumpy" like this.

Dollop the breadcrumb mixture throughout the cheese sauce and pasta.

This is where I added more cheese!  Ready for the oven!

Did someone say leftovers?

Bon Appetit!

Since I tend to stick with very light "breakfasts" and "lunches," I made two similar meals if you will, for tomorrow. I looooove whole wheat wraps. Like, really love them.  They are so versatile.  One wrap for breakfast is my version of PB&J. There is something I just adore about whole wheat wraps, my favorite peanut butter, JIF-creamy, and Smuckers Strawberry Jam-seedless.  It's sort of a more healthy version of PB&J. 

Why is this stuff so tasty together?

I fold it once.

And again.

It's a tiny pb&j package. :-)

This wrap is actually fun to eat. And surprisingly neat and portable.

Lunch is similar. Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (Sabre),  Sriracha chili sauce, and a sliced red pepper with a dollop of reduced- fat sour cream.  Cools the spices down a bit. Delish! I hope I eat this tomorrow.  We'll see. I've been decently bad this week....oh well.  It might be a green tea for lunch kind of day.  :-/  {cleanse}

Love this stuff.  I have yet to make my own hummus.  I know, sad.  But I first need to purchase a Cuisinart.  I  registered for one......hmmm.

Trick-flatten out the pepper with your palm.  You'll get great long, strip cuts.

 Can't go wrong with this stuff!  (you have to love heat though). :-)

Ready for the fridge.  I hope I eat this. Especially since my day is shorter tomorrow. 
Remember, sometimes yummy meals and snacks can be made from the easiest, yet delicious products and ingredients.  It's 10pm. Time for relaxation and movie watching with the hubby.  I also don't feel too hot currently.  All that chocolate!!

Good Night!

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