January 4, 2013

Black Bean and Spring Mix Spinach Salad

Happy Friday!

I decided to keep tonight light and fresh.  Gary had mentioned that he had a big lunch and wanted to keep it "lighter" tonight.  Fine by me. I had to pick up a few things at the food store anyway, so I bought a few things to make myself a salad. {I did eat my Pb&j wrap today AND my roasted red pepper wrap as well}. Both were naturally delicious!  :-)  Tonight we just relaxed with good wine and cheese and crackers. Perfect night!  The salad was great.  The black beans really made the dish. They added the most substance and were very tasty.

Black bean and Spring Mix Spinach Salad

1 Cup and 1/2 spring and spinach salad mix
1 can reduced sodium black beans
Balsamic Vinaigrette (about 1/2 cup) or less, depending on how much or how little you like your salad to be drenched in dressing! { I like a lot!} And a dash of a Lite Italian dressing.

Dash  of ground black pepper
Half cucumber, sliced in fours
A good handful of dried cranberries
Mix well

This was such a good salad!  The cranberries add the perfect amount of sweetness and texture.

Gotta love cheese!  I had a decent workout today at the gym. I was exhausted.  But the hubby wanted just cheese and crackers for "dinner". So I feel like I ruined my workout by eating the delicious cheese. Whaaateverrrr.  I did the treadmill for 15 minutes.  Two arm machines. And 5 minutes on the "stair bastard". {my name for it} I mean stair master. I think it's really called the Arc Trainer. Pardon me.  All in all, I was glad I just put forth the effort to show up. lol.

Tonight's "dinner": 

Scrumptious indeed!  I of course had more chocolate tonight!  Here's to a workout tomorrow A.M. and a wonderful weekend!  We have no plans.  I plan on working on this blog, (a brand new version of Chicken Salad is in the works), Stay tuned!  And cleaning, and laundry, and relaxing!  Tomorrow night I'm probably grabbing dinner somewhere with my Dad.  Should be nice. :-)
Have a wonderful weekend!

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