November 2, 2017

No Need To Get Back On Track

I have come across many different articles via all social media platforms recently that discuss Halloween candy, and how to burn off a snickers or milky way bar by performing 700 jumping jacks, and my favorite, "getting back on track tomorrow."  I want to vent about this topic for a moment because in my opinion, this is all utter bullshit.  We are human and we ALL have some sort of vice or favorite treat we adore.  So why not just be human and enjoy our favorite candy, not just on Halloween or any Holiday for that matter?  There is no such thing a a "bad food."  And there's no reason to "punish" yourself if you ate too much dinner or too much dessert or too much candy on one night.  Sometimes this happens on a regular old boring Monday night.  Again, we are human.

Let me state for a moment that I am not a nutritionist, a dietician or a doctor. I am just your average human being who believes in eating the things we love, those "sinful" desserts or foods that we hardly ever eat, and enjoying them in moderation.  I believe that when we eat too much of the same things, they lose their magic.  They lose their value.  Food, or anything else for that matter in life appear better when we don't do them often.  And when we finally do indulge in something or see a movie we haven't seen in years?  It's all so amazing and it's that much more special. Take me for example;  I am not a picky eater and love a variety of yummy foods. Therefore, I choose to space out the things I love and pick my days when I am going to eat them.  A muffin here, some candy there, pasta for dinner or ice cream for dessert.  I am still almost always, on most days, eating something I love.  But I choose to eat them in moderation.  This way of course doesn't work for everyone because we are different.  We are human. The difference is that when I go to eat a bagel or muffin for my breakfast, I am hungry and I know that will satisfy me more than just oatmeal or a banana alone. But afterwards, the difference is that I am not mad at myself for eating a carby muffin.  I am not thinking about the ways I can burn it off. I am not thinking about how that was a poor choice and how I should have just chosen the banana or salad instead.

I exercise for my overall health and well being, for my sanity, and to challenge myself some days depending on what exercise I choose to do.  I also swear it helps me be a better mom.  Okay, to quickly get back to the main reason of why I am writing about this and to sum up: There is no such thing as a bad food. Food is fuel.  Eat what you feel will satisfy you.  I also understand that if someone is actually trying to lose weight and really wants to make the effort to eat healthier, then yes, grabbing a banana with some oatmeal or a green smoothie for breakfast would be better choices than say grabbing that sugary muffin. But eating the things we want and love on the occasion, in moderation, will always top depriving yourself of the foods you love.  It's also simply not sustainable to think that never eating a piece of Halloween candy or a slice of cake will help you maintain or lose weight.We will always have to pick and choose when we want to eat the things we love because again, I personally believe moderation is key to a healthy lifestyle.  I have been on both ends of the spectrum, believe it or not and so I know how this all feels.

A quick example of choosing and picking when it comes to food is that I used to always use the phrase "I am going to be good until dinner."  I used it a lot. So yes, I practically would starve myself until dinner time but this wouldn't be just your average pizza night or Taco Tuesday.  This would be a birthday dinner with friends, where there would also be lots of alcohol and a cake.  So I would still eat breakfast that morning, but keep lunch very light.  I don't see anything wrong with that because I would want to save room for the delicious pasta dinner we were about to stuff our faces with and copious amounts of red wine, and of course later, cake!  I still eat this way depending on the occasion, but the difference now is that I never say those words again, " I am going to be good until dinner."  

So, just do you, eat what you want, when you want it, but try moderation.  Try to pick and choose what you'll have throughout the day because there's also a small thing that is big to others and it's called calories.  Try not to think of those calories, because again, food is fuel.  It's just food and it simply does its job by helping you out when you get hungry.  Try not to overeat and really try not to eat to the point of  being overly full.  It's not a pleasant experience. And yes, it's okay to always ask yourself " is that worth the calories." Because frankly, I love chocolate chip cookies like the next person, but if you offer me a slice of any kind of pie, its calories will always be way more worth it to me than a chocolate chip cookie.  Exercise for your health and sanity, not to punish yourself for indulging in pizza and oreos the night before.  

Again, we are human.  Shit happens.  We have to live and enjoy the things we love.  Just try sometimes in moderation.  You'll be happy again, I promise.  Maybe even  a little too happy.


  1. This should not be how it is supposed to go because what if you get fat and all sick because of that? Eating is important but health is more i guess.

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