October 25, 2017

El Vez Review

So I have been trying to write most days for just a few minutes, particularly about food.  I have a food writing book in which I have been writing certain exercises that are listed throughout the book.

Here is a short and sweet restaurant food review  that I wrote about and is an exercise from the book. The highlighted words are from a vocabulary list and its purpose is to learn to write in vivid description.

My most recent and wonderful experience dining out was at El Vez Mexican restaurant in Philadelphia. My husband and I had stopped in for a bite because it was pushing lunch time and well, we were hungry. I had gone to the city to pick up my half marathon racing packet at the expo and we went together.  We have been to El Vez a few times prior and just love it there.  The atmosphere is bright and cheery and fun with lots of backyard garden lights and many different colors. The service thus far has been stellar and the food is nothing short of amazing.

We have tried their black bean enchilada’s which are impeccable and their Mile High Nachos with pickled red onions, shredded, juicy chicken and the perfect amount of melty cheeses blanketed all over each nacho chip.  I highly recommend them as they are probably the best thing I’ve put in my mouth in a while and they are quite popular.  I think every time we go there’s at least one table that has placed an order for them.  My husband adores their steak tacos and usually always orders them for his entrée.  They are the perfect portion and honestly, so adorable in appearance. They have the most comforting and buttery bite. Get to El Vez soon! I wouldn’t steer you wrong.


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