June 21, 2017

M&M Rice Krispie Treats

A treat indeed!  My family and I went out to dinner tonight for pizza and it's been a Hump Day ritual for about a month now.  There's this great pizza bar about twenty minutes from us that offers half price pizza's every Wednesday.  Their pizza is SO. DANG. GOOD. They also have amazing cocktails, fyi! After we came home, my husband and daughter watched a little Sofia the First while I made dessert, or rather,  a night time treat!

I haven't had rice krispie treats in a long time and randomly, the idea came to me earlier today to make them because I had a new unopened bag of mini marshmallows at home and a large bag of m&ms.  I thank the candy for being there due to potty training incentives. These hit the spot and were so fresh and gooey and just the perfect amount of YUM.  I think they are a great blank canvas for any kind of candy as well.  Go nuts!

Pizza, cocktails, and a marshmallow treat.  I can't think of a better way to end a Wednesday.

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