August 5, 2016

Recipe Findings: Weekly Menu- Week 1

I love finding easy, sometimes healthy and delicious recipes to make for my family and I.  They either come from old cookbooks, magazines, food blogs and some are even within my family.  I always seem to keep them in binders and folders, which is a good start to collecting them, but then they don't get touched for months.  In the summer it's easy and hard because I love to cook but my husband takes on grilling ( fine by me)! and so my weekly menu plans eventually lack their luster and I get into a rut with " Monday: grilled chicken breasts with grilled corn on the cobb" Tuesday: Grilled BBQ ribs with a side salad....still delish, but you see where I'm going with this.

I've decided to plan a weekly menu based on all of the dinner recipes I have found and collected over the years and will cook that meal in its entirety.  From purchasing all of the ingredients, to planning each meal out for the week and finally kicking my meal rut to the curb.  There will be some caveats to this as it's still summer and 2-3 nights a week, especially on a day where I'm not home from work until 6pm, my husband can still grill.  Work commitments, or dinner with a friend can pop up, so a take out night might happen. Hey,  it happens. And if I make a casserole type dish or something that has plenty of servings, there will definitely be a leftover night. Here and there, I'll post desserts too.  But I'm the one who plans the weekly menu and I like it that way.

Menu Week 1:  8/8-8/12

Monday:  I have a dr. appointment at 7pm so the hubs can order us a pizza. Easy peasy.
Tuesday: On the Grill: Honey Sriracha Orange Chicken with corn on the cobb. *I will marinate the chicken overnight*
Wednesday: Stuffed Peppers with lean ground beef, brown rice, Monterrey jack cheese and salsa.
Thursday: Leftover peppers or chicken.
Friday: Parmesan Crusted Pesto and tomato grilled cheese from food blog *two peas and their pod* I added the tomato because tomatoes rock!
Saturday:  We are going to a BBQ later in the day.
Sunday: Roasted Red Pepper Pasta from The Pioneer Woman

 Do you plan out weekly dinners? It works for my family and I. Eating out can be too pricey and not as healthy, of course.  Again, certain days of the week we WANT to go out and sometimes it feels like we HAVE to get out of the house since both my husband and I work from home a good amount.

 Do you still love scrolling through magazines for inspiration?  I looooove magazines just for recipe and healthy snacking ideas.

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