August 18, 2016

Not-so-thrilling Wednesday

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016 

Workout:  tried 20 pound dumbbells!  And ran a quick arm up run.  I personally want to see a little more definition in my triceps area and from what I read and hear and with some tips from a fellow lady blogger, go higher with weights!  We shall see.  I try to incorporate weights and different circuit movements 2-3 times a week.

Breakfast: Was a little hungry but just ate a banana and picked up my coffee from dunkin’.

Around 830am my co-worker brought in soft and HOT pretzels from the pretzel factory.  How can I say no?  I ate it with some spicy mustard.  It hit the spot! 

Lunch:   Delicious Brown rice, chicken and veggie bowl with steamed dumplings filled with tasty spinach and water from Wok Works.  It is so crazy fresh and good there- and the workers are such a friendly group!  ( no picture because I ate it at my desk and I'm over the awful lighting in there).

Dinner:  I didn't eat until around 8pm because I swear the lunch I had held me over until around then.  I'm also learning that my body must hate me, because when I eat lighter things, I am never satisfied, but god forbid I eat something more substantial like a rice bowl (i didn't even finish the whole thing) my stomach is filled for hours.  I see that as good and bad.  I had a bowl of peanut butter puffins and about an hour later I binged watched The Real Housewives of New York for an hour and scarfed down the rest of cubed watermelon that I had in the fridge. 

It wasn't a typical day as my husband text me in the later afternoon and told me he felt like absolute piss- chills, sweats, aches, head hurt.  Poor guy.  I decided to still take a half hour yoga core class that I wanted to try at 6:30 because I cannot remember the last time I took an evening class of any kind, let alone a workout class.  It felt great and I;m glad I stuck with it and the most interesting part?  I was the only one in the class!  I have had the yoga teacher a few times before this one but MAN is she pretty tough but sweet at the same time and kicked my arse for sure.  But it was cool because for 30 minutes I had a personal trainer, sort of.

I'd like to stick with that class at least 2x a week, but it also depends on my schedule so we'll see what happens.

It was an interesting day for sure!  

Lunch:  big meal or small?  I have to keep it small and I just try to go with how hungry I am.  I like to feel filled for a while but feeling not so hungry by 9pm is sort of a bummer too.

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