October 3, 2014

A Day in the Life with Claire

Hi there.  I'm Claire and I'm not aware that what I just said rhymes. 

I thought it'd be fun to give you a glimpse into what a typical day is like for me.  

I have a lot on my plate lately; so,  here we go!

6am-8am: Most mornings, I wake up in a chipper mood anywhere in that time frame. My mommy changes me, sings to me, picks out a cute outfit { I can't wait for the day when I can pick out my own outfits }! and then I'm usually feeling famished and mommy hands me a freshly made bottle.

Mommy likes to drink this dark colored beverage.  I think it smells really gross , but don't tell her that.  Apparently she LOVES the stuff and it "wakes her up" or something like that.


9am-11am: I usually only enjoy about 2-3 ounces before I feel full or content and then it's time for my morning workout! This is where I really try to work on my core!


I love to kick a lot , too!

12pm-2pm: This is the time where mommy either likes to give me a snack of apples or peaches, or I take a nap if I'm too fussy.  I like snack time, but I know that taking a little snooze is probably the better option.

This is where mommy wishes she could sleep when I'm sleeping.  Sorry, mom.

Sometimes mom even takes her lunch break with me and we go for a fun stroller ride which I looooove!

3pm-7pm: This time gap is wide open for me unless I don't feel too well, am still napping, or mommy and daddy take me to dinner somewhere to tire me out. { I'm on to them }. Or if I'm in chill mode, I just play more. Which is my favorite thing!

I apparently think hard, plastic shapes are tasty too. 

What do you mean these aren't edible?

 I love my brother, Sammy. He's always licking my face and is always by my side.  Whenever I feel upset and I'm crying in their arms, he follows mommy and daddy around.  He's such a great protector and cares a lot!

He also thinks some of my belongings are his. Silly Sammy.

8pm-9pm: This is where I get ready for bedtime.  If I'm in a happy mood and pretty dirty from the day, mommy will give me a bath.  Sometimes I don't always show it well, but I really do enjoy bath time, mom!

 Sometimes I read a book before bed.  That's what mommy does to help her fall asleep, too.

Or I'll do a few stretches.

But soon after I am pretty spent from my day.

I'm liking the crib more and more each day.  I wasn't too fond of it for a really long time.  But I know I'll be safest in it. I think mommy has this 'training' thing down pat now.

The next day brings on new and exciting things for me and I look forward to the mornings!  I know mommy does too so she can have her coffee!

Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share my day with you!

You can see more of me here



P.S.  I'm 7 months old today!  :)

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  1. this was such a cute post! fun idea and adorable photos of Claire!