September 4, 2014

Spicy Corn Salmon Patties

So, confession.  I haven't been to the gym or exercised regularly in 2 months.  It pains me to type that out but it's true.  Am I exaggerating?  I wish I was.  That's why instagram is so wonderful.  It logs the time you posted a photo. In this case however, not so cool when you see a picture of the treadmill that you took 2 MONTHS AGO.

Our lives have been a bit chaotic over the past 2 months between the baby and stupid project deadlines that we haven't really been just 'normal' in what feels like forever. I'm aware that there is no 'normal' in life, but a breathable life for what seems somewhat normal is getting closer for us.   Therefore, hitting the gym has not been my top priority.  I have just been walking a lot whenever I get the chance and watching what I eat.

And tons of this stuff.

Which by the way is GREAT!

I wouldn't say I have gained weight or some "more" weight. I hardly ever weigh myself.  But I know my body and I just feel out of shape.  I really would like to lose ten pounds and tone up more and maintain.  In the meantime, I surely have not been depriving myself of good food.  I try to stick with small snacks throughout the day, coffee is my main breakfast of choice with a Luna bar sometimes and then my biggest meal of the day is dinner.

Dinner is by far my favorite meal of the day!

Go big or go home, right?

I made huge salmon patties and they were awesome!

Here's how you make them.


 Drain the liquid from the salmon can.

Seems like a lot of  vegetable oil but it's the perfect amount!

Get the pan nice and hot. Splash a little water on the pan. Once you see and hear a sizzle, the pan is ready for cooking!  Watch your eyebrows!

 Break up the salmon in a large bowl.

Add your corn. {I like the Mexicorn because it has small diced red and green pepper mixed in}

Breadcrumbs:  You can use Ritz crackers, saltines, regular breadcrumbs.  I love panko for the extra crunch and texture. And this happened to be Italian flavor.  why not?

 Add your egg.

Black pepper.

Garlic powder.

Kosher salt.

Red pepper flakes.

Dig in and start mixing!

These turned out nice and thick since I only made four patties.  Divide up and shape into nice round patties.

Place them in the hot oil, cover for about 3-5 minutes then flip.  Repeat.

These are insanely good!

Don't forget the sour cream. Or Plain Greek non-fat yogurt if you want to be healthy and all.

And then of course I had to have a slice of buttered french bread.  Because, why not?  It was actually taken home from my parents house when we had pasta and meatballs over there Sunday night.

You're going to love these salmon patties. Creamy, crunchy and fluffy textures with the perfect amount of heat from the pepper flakes and sweetness from the corn.

Here's to the gym soon so I can eat more of these. And a little more bread!

Any current confessions?

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