August 12, 2014

What's in my bag: Things I can't leave the house without


I'm all about big bags. Sometimes I joke that I have the Mary Poppins' bag.  There's so much in there that I'm bound to pull out a lamp shade too.  Even though my bag is too bulky sometimes and it can get in the way of things, I'd rather have a huge purse than a tiny purse or clutch.  The reason for that is because I always feel like I need something on me.  And you can't fit what's in my purse in a tiny clutch bag.

Thankfully, the diaper bag has not yet become my purse.

Let's go through my bag:

Colorful, but a little boring, 90% of the time these items are always in my bag.

Bottom to top:

1. Mirror
2. my favorite chapstick { looks like a glue stick, but it goes on incredibly smooth}
3. Nail file. always.
4. I take the train to work and if an idea comes to me, I love writing it down in my notebook.
5. Roll-on perfume. I used to carry body spray until it leaked all throughout my other big purse. sigh.
6. The ipod shuffle. Yes, I own one of these. and I LOVE it.
7. Anti-bacterial hand gel. Because of germs and stuff.
8. Tangled earphones. I haven't used them in a good month. Or two.
9. Berry color lip gloss
10. My contacts dry out within a few hours if I wear them so I always need to re-wet them. #myeyessuck
11. Sometimes certain soaps or hand gels that I use dry my skin out.  Enter hand lotion.
12. Mascara. my #1 must have on me at all times.
13. Sunglasses for when my contacts are cooperating.
14. Gum. total necessity.  I once legit cried because I had no gum on me.yup.
15. Wallet. just like my iPhone, my life is in that thing.
16. I usually use my connector to charge my shuffle while I'm work.
*17* And of course my phone is always on me, but 95% of the time it's out of my bag. As it's charging/or next to me while I'm doing work at home.

What's in your bag?

What's one thing you can't leave the house without?

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  1. Omg love it!! I have a "carpet bag" too- lets see i have my wallet (which is more like a clutch in itself), phone, checkbook (you never know when you'll need checks), 2 pairs of glasses and their cases, mini umbrella, tampons, keys, a mini notebook (?), and a banana. (there would be more food in it, but i already ate lunch :)