January 28, 2014

I can't wait to...

Well, today I am 36 weeks pregnant. Crazy? Yes.  Has time flown by? I finally feel it's flying...it's crunch time mode now! But, 9 months is a long time to cook a baby if you ask me!  I really feel for elephants.  I am as ready as I can ever be and I can't wait to start this next phase of life with Gary.

21 weeks/32 weeks/36 weeks

 It's truly amazing how the female body transforms during pregnancy and how at first we all think, this ain't so bad, or, I can still reach my legs to shave them {well, I thought this}, and now?  hahahahhahha. not so much. It's fun, however, to think back to the different months and weeks and see what you ate, thanks, Instagram! what you did, how you looked, and now I can say that I did not start to show until the 2nd week of October/ 5 months.  I remember people saying "enjoy it and embrace it."  Well, that's difficult when you're the actual pregnant one, feeling bloated and gross and having no bump to show for it.  It was a frustrating time for me.

Once mid-November hit, I was still in my 2nd trimester {and I  for one am a firm believer that the 2nd trimester IS the BEST time during pregnancy}! I finally had a well-shaped "bump" and I could finally embrace it!  I actually felt pregnant.  And I notice pregnant women say that all the time, but it's soooo very true.  That random day comes where, you just feel pregnant.  And we can't explain it.  You just have to go through it.

There's definitely a few things I will miss while being pregnant, but let's first get to the things I cannot wait to do!

I can't wait to...

 bend with ease
 see my waist
 fit into underwear comfortably
 fit into my favorite jeans
 indulge in a hoagie
 wear my rings 
 hit the gym
 east sushi
 drink a margarita. or 3.
 drink wine 
 indulge in ALL the cheeses
 wear heels
 see my lady parts { Let's be honest. It's nice to be able to look there with ease}
 wear a normal bra 
 feel comfortable in my own skin
 head into Spring with my peanut and revel in warm weather!

A few things I personally enjoyed whilst pregnant and will miss?

obscene amounts of cream cheese, bagels, pb&js, lucky charms, Oreos, and pop tarts.  That was all mainly in the first trimester. However, not really having to think twice about that second bowl of sugary cereal is a pleasant feeling.  

Taco Bell and Wendy's were my best friends every once in a while.  I normally would not touch that stuff.  Moderation is key. And oh was it good. :)

Yes, yes. The sympathy card.  Everyone just seems nicer.  However, being really big in the winter months doesn't help with public transportation and people automatically giving up their seat for you. Unless they can see through my 18 layers, you can't tell I'm pregnant.

One thing I definitely will not miss while being pregnant?  Unsolicited advice.  I'm aware my life is about to change.  Thanks for the umpteenth time.

There's a zillion other things, of course, that I haven't mentioned because pregnancy truly is an amazing journey!  Overall, this pregnancy has really been quite great. This third trimester has hit me hard on certain days, though. Like, really hard and I'm just ready to meet my baby!

Anything you're looking forward to in the coming months?




  1. meeting the new addition and warmer weather

  2. you think you get a lot of unsolicited advice while pregnant?! wait till the baby comes! people mean well, but sometimes it's the last thing you want to hear! you know your baby best!

    1. haha! Oh I'm aware of that too....looking forward to it! ;)

  3. I'm looking forward to spring, summer and warmer weather! Can't wait to see your little one! I'm excited for you. There are days when I really miss having a wee little one!