December 31, 2013

My thoughts and a few 2013 highlights

Happy New Years Eve!

I'm ready for a fresh start in 2014, although I really cannot complain about 2013.  It was a wonderful year all in all and I'm so thankful for what my husband and I have/share/our families/ and true friends. On my side of the family, there were some heartbreaking deaths. My grand mom's sister had passed away at only 81 { that's young in my opinion}  and she was always such a witty, funny, and very sharp lady who made THE BEST Christmas cookies EVER.  It's still surreal to me that she is gone.  My grand mom's brother had passed away as well to cancer.  He was doing wonderfully and then out of no where, he was gone.  It's sad but having great memories of loved ones can make all the difference on certain days.

I try to remember to stop and take a moment out of the craziness that is life sometimes and call my grand mom to chat for a few. God bless her at age 87; she's still very sharp, with it and still hilarious . I like to mail little hand-written notes to let certain people who are special in my life know I'm thinking of them.  It's totally the little things that matter most. 

For us, 2013 also involved a lot of happy memories for both sides of our families. My husband's sister finally tied the knot in November and it truly was the perfect day for her and the love her life.  I got a new car back in May after owning my "Ruby" as I called her for 11 years.  { a red Chevy cavalier circa 1998 }. It was certainly time to say goodbye to her.  We also shared in the joy of two of our friends having baby girls back in February and March.  I can't believe they are both 9 months old now!  We became pregnant in early June and were so excited!  In early October, we also learned that we'd be having a baby girl mid-Feb!  I know time will fly as it does with all babies; I will cherish this time like crazy!

There are so many things to look forward to and I can only hope 2014 treats us ever so kind! The pluses are that it's not a leap year and it's an even number. That's just my little paranoid side coming out.


And now...

A few of my random thoughts:
-My baby shower is in two weeks!  My mom is throwing it and I am so grateful for her.  She really should have been a party planner.  It's never too late right? I'm excited to share this time with friends and family and be surrounded by adorable baby items. :)
I have an issue with rsvp's and people, though. Yes, I'm putting this out there. Friends and family, who might be reading. Hi. I still love you. I'm just venting for a moment and this is not an attack on anyone specific as it is more of a general wonderment.  I've always kind of wondered just one simple thing: why do people take so long to respond to an invite?  It's seems like a simple task if you ask me. You check the date to see if it's open, and then respond.  I believe it truly takes one minute out of someone's day.  And if you have checked the date, but might have a prior commitment, just mention that to the person who invited you and just give an FYI; letting them know you will get back to them but are not certain yes or no for the time being.

That's much more courteous then just letting the person who invited you hang for weeks and weeks.  My mom mentioned to me that a lot of people had gotten back to her in a timely fashion, but I think she is still waiting to hear from at least 25 people.  Kind of annoying, right?

What are your thoughts on rsvp's?

-What's with nail polish that chips? Don't get me wrong, ever since I tried gel nails, I never looked back. I love them. They only last about one solid week for me, but if I get them professionally done, I always choose gels.  The other day I picked off all of my old gel nail polish which was clearly ready to be taken off after two weeks of wear. I eventually got it all off, filed my nails down, and literally filed my nail beds too. I wanted everything to be smooth and fresh.  I then applied a clear coat and let it dry.  Then I applied regular nail polish- 2 coats.  They dried really well and then I applied the final coat of clear.  They looked great, until this morning!

I don't get it. I blame pregnancy a bit. For reals.

Also a pregnancy symptom, your hands and feet may swell up like sausages later on.  Please excuse my sausage fingers.  My feet are okay, for now.

I couldn't believe they chipped so quickly; especially since the nail polish I used was Revlon and says "long-lasting wear."  Liars.

I'm now considering getting gel again soon or just re-doing them.  It's nice to get pampered of course, but I like to spread special things like that out here and there.

 -Do you ever get down on yourself when you haven't really gone out too much on the weekends?  Lately, that seems to be me. Granted, yes, I'm pregnant right now and there are a few good and practical reasons as to why we aren't doing too many exciting things more recently.  (1) I can't drink. (2) save some money...after all, we're bringing a human to care for into the world soon. (3) I adore sweatpants. (4) We are huge movie buffs so we just relax and watch lots of movies...and we love it. (5) it's cold out. 

I like those reasons. And I'm so thankful for Gary. He prefers staying in too, now.  It's just what we do.  But it bothers me that I even question it here and there.  Why do I care?  If something is planned, we usually always have a good time and just go with the flow. But if not, there's nothing wrong with just staying in, especially while pregnant.  I'm 32 weeks today and I can tell baby girl is becoming more and more cramped; and giving me sausage fingers.  I try to lay on the couch whenever I can. And whatever energy is still around, I use it to clean a little or cook something.  Or of course, blog.

Do you ever question staying in more than going out? What reasons do you have/like?

We also decided to plan a nice date night a month or two after she is here instead of now.  I know it will be well deserved.  January is a busy month for us and I'm due in February...hopefully a tad sooner than the 25th! that's wishful thinking. :)

  2013 was a great year! Here's to 2014 being even better!

See you next year!


  1. I was just going to say that you have such pretty fingers!! I don't think they look like sausages at all :) And I hear ya on the RSVP's - seriously people, it's NOT THAT HARD!! I don't even care if you're not coming, just let me know. #endrant Happy New Year!! I'll make sure to enjoy a glass (or 5) of champagne for ya tonight!

    1. thanks darlin'! :) and yes--please do!!

  2. OMG I am so with you on rsvp's! I cannot tell you how crazy that drives me. I mean come on people just let me know if you are coming if you can't come that is fine just TELL ME! I wonder if people realize how inconsiderate they are being. Anyway sorry that's a huge pet peeve of mine :)