December 27, 2013

In the blink of an eye


All of that anticipation and excitement.

All of that cooking and baking.

Stressing over presents, family, and travel.

And then, it's over.  All in the blink of an eye.

That's madness!

That may not all occur in that specific order, but it does occur. Every.single. year.  The holidays aren't always the "most wonderful time of the year" for some people.  My main thing is why stress? Just do what ya got to do, take your time doing it, and most importantly, enjoy what you're doing. 

This year, I've heard more and more people freaking out mostly about getting gifts in time and travel.  To be quite frank, I find that so irking.  In all realness, we don't HAVE to buy things and we don't HAVE to travel anywhere. However, that's not realistic in our society.  I purchased little things and different things for our immediate families and our best friend and gift bagged it all.  It was simple and I was not stressed. I did not go out of my way besides the cookie part.  I just feel there is no need.  Christmas is so commercialized that it can get sickening when I see how crazy some people go with buying stuff.  Let me know your thoughts on this topic..I want to know! Share! ;)


I baked a lotttttt of cookies this year.  I never counted. I was just on a roll one day and once I began assembling them to give to family and friends, I couldn't believe how many I actually had lying around.  There are currently two large bags of cookies in my freezer and a few more chocolate chip cookies we've kept out and keep nibbling at here and there.  Did I stress or get upset about it?  Nope.

I also noticed I still had a good amount of candy and baking supplies that I didn't use this year.  I didn't get stressed about it because all of that stuff thankfully has a long shelf life.  So I'm semi-prepared for next year! :)

Silver lining, right?

That being said, I hope you all had a nice holiday with family and friends and if you're on vacation from work until the new year, well, I envy you. Just a tad.

I thought I'd share a few Christmas photos with you.  Have a great weekend!


 Do you ever find yourself stressing out over something trivial during the holidays?

I really try not to because I just don't see the point.  I'm all about giving gifts to ones I love, but if anything, be practical about it.  Don't just buy tons and tons of stuff just because.

Did you bake a lot of goodies this year?

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