October 7, 2013

Effortless Chocolate "Croissants"

Hello, hello!

I have a very tasty yet easy peasy recipe for you on this Monday morning. What do you think about a buttery, flaky roll that's stuffed with gooey chocolate? Sounds like heaven to me, and it only takes eleven minutes to make and then devour.  I know this because I made them over the weekend and they pretty much rock!

I  know I have uttered before at some point, that I don't mind shortcuts in cooking,  When they are necessary and will help to make the dish wonderful, what's wrong with that?

I love Pillsbury products for this exact reason.  Crescent rolls are awesome for concocting new and different recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert.  Note:  these are my opinions about Pillsbury brands.  Pillsbury did not contact me to endorse their products.

Pick up a couple of tubes of crescent rolls and some bakers semi-sweet chocolate bars and make these.  That's all you need for an anytime treat.  Since being pregnant, I have certainly indulged in a few more pastries than usual. And I have loved every sweet bite of them.  

There's nothing like a warm and gooey chocolate croissant.  One complaint I usually have with these guys is that they never have enough chocolate inside of them.  These treats have the perfect amount of both crust and chocolate.  Delish!  Another preference of mine: These are even better the next day.  The chocolate bar hardens up and the texture is just wonderful.

Before you place these in the oven, melt a little butter and brush the top of the rolls.  Sprinkle with a tiny bit of sugar.

Cuties, huh?

I'm off to the doctors this morning.  Feeling like you're catching a cold and being pregnant is not a happy mixture. I'm taking the day off to just rest.  I've had a great amount of energy so far and therefore, have been utilizing it.  I think my body and baby are now telling me to slow down a little.  I get it and I will.

What's your favorite kind of pastry to indulge in?  

Short cuts in cooking: yay or nay?

Make this Monday a good one.

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