September 15, 2013

PCCP: Sunday Morning Breakfast

Happy Sunday!

I've always loved the idea of a Sunday morning involving a yummy breakfast. Whether it be pancakes, waffles, or just scrambled eggs with sausage and hash-browns like my mom used to make. If you're cooking it at home for your loved ones, Sunday mornings can be pretty special.  
I love pancakes. And I've made a few in my lifetime. But these pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes come from a simple Bisquick box and a few other special ingredients to make THE best chocolate chip pancakes I've ever had.  I have tried them elsewhere one time at a cute delicatessen  7 years ago in New York the day after a family wedding.  They were quite nasty to be frank; and there wasn't a hint of Fall or spice in those babies whatsoever.

Since then, I've tried to make simple pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes on 4 different occasions and all were a big fat F. I once tried them completely off the cuff and from scratch. It involved the usual of eggs, milk, flour...yadda yadda.  The batter looked like it was perfect and would work. I was way wrong.  They weren't sticking properly to the hot and smooth griddle and eventually turned into mush.  I then tried two other food bloggers versions of them and they did not work.  I even skimmed their comment sections looking for some "fails" by others, but I couldn't find one!  I'm still not sure how those versions turned out for those people but I was a bit disheartened that day.

Maybe they all just have magical pancake powers.

I of course wanted to make a version from scratch, {I still do and hopefully will have the best recipe one day}! But I also love shortcuts in cooking.  Who doesn't?  Especially if that particular recipe can still be doctored up with other special ingredients and tastes wonderful!  I Googled "pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes" and this recipe came up!  The six sisters have great fast and easy recipes! I recommend taking a gander at their site when possible.  I really just wanted to make these darn pancakes no matter what and was hoping to get a great recipe down for them!  I found it!  Simple, fast, and so delicious!

I don't really ever measure spices. I just eyeball it.  It depends what mood I'm in but I did it with these and they turned out magnificent. Did I mention these pancakes are egg-free?  Pretty great.

You'll have to just make these one Sunday morning and just trust me.  This is now my go-to recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes. We didn't do the bacon on the side thing this morning, but that wouldn't hurt I don't think.  These taste like Fall in your mouth; or as my husband said, "Yeah, this tastes like October."  Cute, right?

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!


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