May 30, 2013

A Coffee Talk


Hi!  Oh how I've missed you!

Let's have a coffee talk, shall we?  This post may not be too exciting, but I really, really miss you and feel like we need to catch up!  We can have a tea talk as well, that is, if you don't care for coffee. :)


Since I love making lists, I've decided to catch up with you thru , well, a list of things that's goin' on. It's nothing really that exciting. I apologize in advance.  ::sips coffee::

 First things first though.  Didn't the month of May fly?!  What the...  I am looking forward to June though. I love starting fresh in a new month!  How about you?

1. I am Matron of Honor in my cousins wedding in two weeks!  I'm looking forward to it as this is my first wedding I've ever been IN!!  I know. I kind of think it's crazy as well. I mean, I'm 30 for God's sake!  fun fact: I was in one wedding: the flower girl in the bride-to-be's parent's wedding circa 1986. I was 4. It is what it is though.  I also don't know what it is but since this wedding involves our family, I'm no where near stressed about it and dig it even more.  You'll see more about that fun day in two weeks!

2. I got a NEW CAR over the Memorial Day Holiday and am completely in love with it!  See her here!  I'm slowly getting used to a new car , let alone a completely different car like an SUV.  This is my car, obviously, but will also be the future family car. Gary will just drive this when we go on far road trips. I don't do the driving far thing. If it's more than an hour trip, that is all him.  Unless I HAVE to go somewhere for work or family emergency, then of course I'll drive by myself.  But that's rare. I love it more and more each day.  It's a slight gas-guzzler, but luckily I take the train to work, and again, hardly ever go far distances.  So unless we go on road trips, gas really won't be much of an issue.

3. I am getting an MRI of my brain done tomorrow.  It's really just for my own peace of mind.  I'd say for the past year, I've been getting very sporadic and random pains on the top left side of my head.  When they do occur, it could last 5 minutes to an hour. It's a tight, pinching pain that can really hurt, but again, they are SO random. That's the more annoying part. I also have a tiny raised mole on the spot where the pain 95% of the time occurs.  But I went to  the dermatologist back in October and she assured me it's a regular and normal mole that is common on the top of the head.  The pains are obviously more of what concerns me rather than the mole, but it is strange when I get pain, it's right on that spot.  I have been putting an MRI off for quite some time now and was lazy about dealing with the insurance company about it. Just being honest.  But it was approved recently again through my Dr. and insurance and I decided to no longer put it on hold. I mean, I'm not really claustrophobic and it takes like 20 minutes, right?  I'm also not even stressed about it. I just want it done with finally and at my age of 30, I think it's only best to get my head looked at. hehe.  I'll keep you posted on that.

4. I haven't cooked anything since this weekends BBQ.  It's really bothering me and I miss it. I hope to cook a lot this weekend as we have no plans. I also hope it's sunny and hot out so I can sunbathe.  My dress for my cousins wedding is knee-length.  I've tried the spray tanning ( don't like it) and I've tried lotions. They are just, eh.  Hopefully I can get my legs slightly sun-kissed in two weeks.  Nothing wrong with some natural light. :) 

I made this hit of a potato salad! 

I want to make it again, just because. It was so good and I am still getting compliments on it and inquiries for the recipe!  You can thank Ina!  I love her!  Please make this salad. It's the bomb! And a touch healthier as there's no mayo involved!

5. I finally went back to the gym last night after almost 3 weeks and it felt pretty good!  I did 20 minutes on the stair machine and about 15 minutes of 7.5 hand weights and lots of squats.  I REALLY missed weights and squats and I feel I am more motivated to do that stuff while at the gym. And since it's only going to get hotter, I MUST go! Here's to getting back into a good routine again!

6. My parent's will be celebrating their 35 years of marriage on June 11th!  That's just so awesome to me and I can only hope my marriage will last as long as theirs have.  Marriage is not easy, but somehow my wonderful parents have made it work and they will be the first ones to tell you that it is NOT all rainbows and cupcakes.  In a perfect world, right?

7.  Lately, I have an obsession with bananas. I'm sure it will pass. And then come back.  They are really delish though! I'm sure I could use a bit more potassium, too.

8.  Check out this entire outfit I tried on, purchased, got the tags cut off, and walked out of the consignment store of yesterday!  All for $50!!  I am obsessed with shopping there and finding great bargains and finds!  The shoes were $14. The shirt was $10 and the skirt was $25!  Why did I buy an entire outfit and change during my lunch break you're wondering?  Well, I had to stop at Rite-Aid for a few things and it was already 90 degrees outside.  I was wearing uncomfortable khakis.  Doesn't that right there explain it all? :)

9.  I plan on hopping over to Word press soon, but as of this moment, I cannot tell you how soon.  It's going to take some time transferring everything over and our full attention. And since I need my hubby's help, ( He's the computer guy), with both of our schedules and just life, It's getting there but slowly.  I'll keep ya posted!

I think that's all the juicy gossip I have.  I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday! 

Now it's your turn to catch up with me.  What's going on with you lately and what's up for June?

Are you more of a coffee or tea drinker?


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  1. Matron of honor! How exciting! I always have an obsession with bananas :D Can't get enough!