April 9, 2013

Yummy Leftovers and a Quick Chat

Hey there!  Dinner was so good!  It's leftovers, but it's still dinner!  However, I wish I made this dish. I think I can re-make.  I'll figure it out.  I went to a really cute Italian restaurant with a friend last night.  We wanted Mexican, but the place we chose is closed on Mondays. Yeah, I wondered why too.  Dislike!

This was Rigatoni Bolognese, in a delicious meat sauce with peas, tomatoes and tender carrots.  Oh yes. This will have to be re-made and soon!  Scrumptious!

I kind of want more...

How was your Tuesday? Mine was fine, but I'm pretty damn tired.  I've been going to sleep around 1am.  Not by choice. I'm just always 'up.'  Getting up at 6am and falling asleep by 1am most nights just isn't cutting it.  Meh.  Sometimes I think it's good to just slow things down.  I feel like I've been walking around all 'slowish' this week.  Yes, that's a real word. Google it. :)

So, instead of typing a novel for you since I'm pretty tired,  I'm going to bullet-point a few things that are on my mind lately.  It's more about people in general and how we as a society act.  I'm really totally fine. I'm not stressed or upset about these issues, it's just on my mind. I like to share anything that's important to me with you, so, why not share this with you?  Yeah, I mean, I guess I'm venting; but I only speak truth on this blog. I only share what I think is important to me; besides the workouts or recipes of course.  Hopefully this little blurb will maybe uplift your spirits, or make you think a little more of how you personally go about your life, or you may simply hate this kind of talk or disagree. That's fine.  I don't know what mood you're in or what you believe in. Again, I'm just sharing my thoughts. 

I do hope you take something from it though. And I hope it's something that means something to you. I hope it's important to you.


  • The word NO
Why are people so afraid to say such a simple word, like 'No.' ?  Why don't some of us understand that it's not hard to say it?  'NO' is a simple word; not complex.  It takes a second to say it yet we are afraid of it.  If you don't want to do something, just say no.  If you are overwhelmed in your life and how it currently is, stop and smell the coffee and say 'NO'.  You need to understand that you are one person. You cannot do everything. And when it comes to helping others, I have a thing with that.

It's not that I have issues with it or that I completely dislike it. I mean, to be of help to others (especially people we don't know, is and can be a pretty great feeling).  It depends on the situation.  Do I give money to homeless people? No. I don't.  That's my personal choice and I don't like doing it.  Do I give some money to someone I know and love,  who needs help in any form? Yes. I don't go crazy because I'm not Oprah, but for someone I know well and love? Definitely. It still depends on the situation, but I am willing to help.  For strangers? Not so much.  I'm not made of money, just as most people aren't. {Most of these people just shell out money they don't have, pretty much just doing it to make others happy}.  You can totally argue that probably and that's fine.  But I don't see the point in doing something that really feels uncomfortable to you, or that you'll be upset about later, yet just doing it to 'look good for others.'  I have principles, somewhat; and I like having them.  There is nothing wrong with saying NO whenever you see fit.  Don't be afraid of it. And don't let it consume you.

This also leads me into bullet point #2...

  •  People Pleasing
What is the point of this?  I think doing this eventually causes more stress. Don't do it. It's that simple.  I'm 30 years old and I'm finally realizing that I just.don't.give.a.shit.anymore.  Seriously.  You get over people and their silly antics and caring so much.  I'm in this life for me.  I want to do what makes me happy.  That's it.  And on the same token and with what I just said, it annoys me that people will hear that and automatically think, "wow, she's selfish".  No, I'm actually not selfish. Far from it.  But I'm simply not going to say or do something to make someone else happy all the time.  Yes, we give in and bend for those we love from time to time; I feel that's just necessary because the people we love are obviously important to us and we do want to make them happy.  But life has a line. It's especially thicker when it comes to this BS. 

But I still even take family and very close friends with a dosage. 

You have to do that or else you'll go bonkers.  It's simple:  There will always be someone you cannot please.  We are human.  We can't go everywhere and do everything.  It's not realistic.  Family is important and  so are friendships. But I truly believe in balance.  You need to stretch that rubber band around...a lot.

Don't please people.  It doesn't look good on you.

Annnnnd I think that's it for now.  If you read the two points about two-three times, you'll notice that they are interchangeable.  I like that.  There's more 'stuff' that has been on my mind lately, but these two points are at the top for me and very important to me.

It's pushing 11:30pm and I would love to doze off before 1am! Wish me luck!!

What has been on your mind lately?

Do you have principles? 

In what ways do balancing friendship and family work for you?


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  1. I am such a people-pleaser!! but, like you said, I'm trying to drop that nasty habit! :)