April 26, 2013

Things I Ate This Week

Happy Friday!!

I wasn't too bad this week and I wasn't too good this week; with food that is. 

Let's just say it was that time for me and when it's that time, I care less and less about what goes in my mouth.  I'm crabby, tired and hungry. Which equals Hangry, right?  I never overdo it; but carbs tend to find me more often than not.  My hope is to not freak you out too much with this. I have a freaky mind that remembers things in life that are NOT important. Go figure.

Let's recap the week, shall we?

I'll keep this short and sweet since I don't like too many wordy posts with zero pictures.

Monday: I really don't eat lunch, or 'big' lunches. I pick at fruit,  drink lots of tea, water or coffee, or have a yogurt or a bowl of cereal. Dinner was different.  I was exhausted when I got home. So the hubs ordered some wings and pizza.  Simple and fast! I love that! Hit the spot and was deeeeelicious!  I devoured four slices and had three wings.  Yup. bad, bad, bad.  I also had three dark chocolate candies.  I did not work out.

Tuesday:   Still felt crappy and tired and bloated. Hate that combo!  Drank tons of water that day and just had cereal around 3pm.  When I got home I just felt so gross and it was a nicer, warm night. So I quickly chewed up a granola bar and ran two miles.  It felt great to break a sweat!  I drank more water and then dinner happened.  Taco Bell!!  Ugh. Well, at the time, it was heaven.  I like to call it a Smorgasbord had to Wiki this. No clue how to spell it although I always say it.  The hubs was so nice to go and pick it up for us even though he was exhausted from his sitting.in.traffic.for.almost.three.hours.drive.  Meh.  But there was no way I felt like cooking after a long work day and a run. Hell to the No.  I think we ordered about 10 things!   I had 4 things...eaten within a 3 hour span.  And he ate about 4 things as well. Two were leftover ( see how I rock at math)?  But the next day they were tossed in the trash. I knew we weren't going to eat them. I hate wasting food but fast food leftovers?  No thanks.

Wednesday:  Looong and crazy work day= exhausted, and starving Dana.  I got home around 7pm. The hubs works from home on Hump day so he was already outside doing some work. It was pretty nice out. He already had a glass of wine out for me which was already on my mind at 9am that day.  I relaxed on the patio with my glass and made two double chocolate cookies disappear within two minutes. Seriously. I was shaky and starving but also needed something sweet at the moment. It was perfect. I then made that 'strawberry caprese' salad while I waited. I felt famished!  It was getting windy and more chilly outside. We packed it all up and my hubs made his awesome Velveeta mac & cheese.  We split another bottle of red until I could feel my eyes shutting on me every 5 seconds.  No work out for me that day.

Thursday:  The healthiest day this week! :)    I'm glad I had a tad more of a 'filling' lunch yesterday because I didn't eat anything after 6pm.  I wasn't really hungry though.  I had a cranberry juice, lots of water, fresh mango's and a cute little package of orzo and wild rice with dried cranberries, leeks, dried apricot, honey and balsamic. It was delish! I love leeks but have yet to cook with them.  I got to get on that!  I did a few errands after I got home and let Sammy out. I changed in gym attire as an 'extra' incentive to make myself go to the gym. Somehow, it worked!  I did about 15 minutes of  a lighter run on the treadmill/and ten minutes of an interval walk of speed 4.5 at 10 interval. It felt awesome!  I then did another ten minutes on the stair machine, and a few squats with 5 pound freebies.  I was dead but it felt reallllllllllly good. I forgot how much I like squats! The hubby was exhausted and did his own thing for dinner. I got home at 10pm and just was thirsty for more water. I really wasn't hungry at all. {why can't everyday feel like yesterday}??  I took a nice hot shower and hit the sack!

Friday:  I'm leaving work in 15 minutes!  All I had today was water, a LARGE  french vanilla coffee with skim, and watermelon. Yum! I have an oil change at 2pm, then I might hit the gym or run depending if it got warmer outside, then food shop {drag}  Am I the only one that is starting to despise it more and more? I love food. I love cooking. It's the shopping and lugging it in the house that disagrees with me. I'm making us Taco Pasta tonight!  Recipe to follow on here soon!  I figure I should cook for us tonight since I didn't allll week.  {bad wife, bad!}

We have a packed, yet fun weekend planned because it's one of our best friends big 3-0 birthday!!!  I'll be posting about that next week as well. Cheers to the weekend!!

What are your plans for the weekend?! 

Food Shopping...like, sort of like, kick it out of bed?


  1. I love, love, love leeks! super good in risotto. some nights pizza is just all there is

    1. Agreed! Frozen pizza is a life saver sometimes, too! lol. :)

  2. Can't wait for the taco pasta recipe! Sounds so good