April 14, 2013

Heavens' Breakfast

There are a lot of different foods that I adore. I like different things and enjoy making different things. I tend to get overwhelmed by healthy foods the most because the possibilities are endless.  Whether it be a tasty fruit spread {like the beauty above}, or different types of wraps, different healthy cereals, different hummus dips, to fruit, veggies, and nuts.  I love it all!  This overwhelming feeling came upon me in Trader Joe's today. Oh man, I can't even tell you how much I love this store!!  And let's just forget about food for 2 seconds here...{gasp}

Their prices are phenomenal!! It's dangerous to be in there for more than thirty minutes.  And do you want to hear something cray-cray?! Today was the first time in a year since I've been to TJ's.  I know....I'm upset with myself too.  Ugh.  I can't help it though. The closest one to me is twenty minutes away and I really don't have the time to drive there. And I don't think of it too often because it's not close to me. But after today and the few items I picked up, I think I'll be making it a weekly Sunday visit.

So I saw this jam. I love jam. I especially love strawberry, raspberry or apricot jam.  Yummo!  Doesn't Rachel Ray say that?  Anyway, It is indeed YUMMY.  Like amazing!  I'm never going back to Smuckers' brand jelly again. Unless it's 3am and I'm tipsy and starving and end up at a diner. {rare..very rare} Jam to me is like heaven. The sweetness of it. And what you can do with it!?  I think I need help.  I adore it on toasted whole grain English muffins. But I also love it on crostinis, honey-wheat wraps, and toasted bagels. I thinkI'd probably eat it off of a dirty sandal as well. It's so satisfying and makes me smile.

Enter this amazing treat...

You need to make this for breakfast and soon! You'll really thank me.  This jam is such an easy spreadable jam, that again, Smuckers' is long gone in my book.  This is real organic raspberry jam my friends!!  No high fructose corn syrup up in here! When you taste the warm, crunchy muffin, and the cream cheese and then this jam, it's really just flat out, a party in your mouth!  You can choose to top it off with any kind of nut that you like, I just love walnuts.  It just really adds a crunch to the dish.

I think it looks pretty too.  No?

I also LOVE the fact that this jam still has seeds in it, but it's not seedy.  I'm content in saying that this is THE perfect jam!  Just speaking truth. :)

Cream cheese and jam together...in your mouth....I'm convinced that that's seriously heaven.  But like I said, I like a lot of different things. But this for sure made me smile while making it.  Even a more "Jokerish Grin" happened while devouring it.

I don't think I have met anyone yet that dislikes TJ's.  Who would dislike cheap prices and incredible food?! While I was there, I also purchased skim milk, Puffins Peanut Butter cereal, organic dried cranberries, whole grain bread,  baby carrots, garlic hummus, reduced-fat guacamole made with Greek yogurt {jaw dropped when I saw this}, and dark chocolate honey mints. 

Pick these up on your next visit...or I will buy them for you.

Amaze balls!

It was like York Peppermint Patties stayed the night at The Drake hotel.  Or a cocktail party planned for a Queen in my mouth.  What I'm really trying to say is, these are some fancy-pants candies!

As you can see, I had a great trip today at TJ's!  I'm excited to plan out my weekly food agenda. I try to always make food for at least four days at work. Fridays are my shorter days so I rarely eat much.  Just coffee, tea and maybe a bagel or a yogurt.  I try to keep up with making things. When you work in the city, it totally saves you time and money, and it's a much healthier choice!  My drawers are stocked with some cereal, pretzels, and of course some dark chocolate. So this week is more about what I can keep in the fridge.  {and hopefully no one touches my stuff!} ;)

I have one hour to get some prepping done, then the hubs and I are catching a flick!

I hope you have a wonderful week my dear friends!


  1. I'm gonna have to find that jam next time I'm at TJ's! Raspberry jam is my favorite, and no high fructose corn syrup = me doing happy dance!

  2. It's really good!! Not too sweet either!

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